Product Review – Sleepypod Pet Bed and Carrier

Happy Sunday everyone. Today is Henry’s and my first anniversary. I can’t believe a year went by so fast! Happy anniversary to the best husbandcat in the whole world!

I’ve got another long overdue review for you today. Mom met someone from Sleepypod at Blogpaws. They had a long talk about carriers, how we act when in a carrier, but mostly about EK. About how much EK hates being confined, how much he cries in the car, and how scared he is going to the vet. The rep suggested we try out a Sleepypod Pet Bed and Carrier for EK to see if it would help. They sent us one for free for us to try out. This review is a little long, but there’s lots to say about this carrier so I hope you’ll read the whole thing.

20140524_204038This is the carrier we got. It has a domed cover that can open in the middle to put us in. The dome also zips off completely to become a nice comfy bed. The bed has a fuzzy lining that zips out to clean or to make the bed cooler in the warm weather. These carriers (and all other Sleepypod products) have actually been crash tested for pet safety. That’s impressive. They also have other styles, including a carrier that can be used on an airplane.

20140524_20460920140608_114410Here I am trying out the carrier. We all three love it as a bed – we take turns sleeping in it. I was the first one to try it in the car. It has a strap so you can seat belt it into the car. Mom also slipped the carry strap over the head rest to make it extra secure. I don’t know how well you can see me in the carrier, but I’m lying down. Being domed instead of rectangular, The only tall point is right in the center, so it’s not tall enough for me to stand up in, and I like to look out the windows. It’s also not wide enough for me to stretch out in even lying down. I had to curl up.

See the strap that velcros across the zipper? That’s a carry strap. As a strap it’s convenient, but Mom found it kind of annoying to have to undo it to open the carrier to put me in. So for me, my carrier that lets me stand up, stretch out, and move around is much better. But this carrier wasn’t really meant for me, it was meant for EK. So let’s get to how it worked for him.

20140919_150940We don’t know what happened to EK before he was rescued, but he has some quirks. He’s terrified of being confined in any way, shape, or form. He even panicked in a kritterkondo, and you know how big those things are! He’s fine as long as he can get out, but as soon as he realizes he can’t, he goes crazy. Vet visits are extremely traumatic for him. The Sleepypod rep said that people have been taking their pets to the vet and leaving the pet in the pod for the whole exam. She suggested EK might be calmer in the pod. EK’s checkup time finally rolled around, so off to the vet he went – in the pod. Here’s EK when mom first put him in it:
As you can hear, he’s pretty upset and very loud. Thank cat the vet is only 5 minutes away. He usually keeps that up every second he’s in a carrier. EK was actually a little quieter in the car this time. Hmmm.

Mom left EK in the pod for his whole vet visit (except for getting weighed). He even got his shots in the carrier! Normally, EK tries to climb Mom, hide in her purse, hide in his old carrier, hide anywhere he can when he’s not being held on table. This time he just stayed in the pod! Mom went and sat down to see if he’d leave the pod and come climb on her like normal and he didn’t. He was still nervous and he shed a lot, but he didn’t panic and try to hide. That’s a huge improvement, and Mom was really happy. Here are some pics of EK’s vet visit. Click on the pictures if you want to biggify them.

So in a nutshell, we all love to sleep in the pod. Mom found it to be a little awkward to deal with. I didn’t like it at all. But most important, it really did work to keep EK calmer at the vet, and that was the most important thing for Mom.

We now have two different styles of carriers, both very different from each other. (You can read the review of my other carrier here: A New Carrier.) They serve different purposes and make different cats happy. Like everything else for cats, one size (or style) does NOT fit all, and you have to know your cat to get the right carrier. I’m glad we found the right carrier for EK!

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

More Taste Tests

Happy Sunday everyone! Sorry I haven’t blogged in so long. Mom’s been too lazy to help me blog. But I have lots to tell you about so I’m hoping Mom won’t be so lazy and will help me get caught up.

Today I’ve got a couple of taste tests to tell you about. As you know, I get stuff from almost every month to taste test. I’m behind on my reporting the results so I got two items to tell you about – Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums beef flavor and BFF Tuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe.

20140916_180820First, BFF Tuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe. Mom likes it cuz it has all good stuff in it, it’s low carb, and it’s grain free.  I’m a kitty and don’t know about that stuff. I depend on Mom to make sure what’s in my food dish is good for me. She’s not so careful about what she eats, but she’s really picky about what goes in our tummies! I only care that it tastes good and I like the texture. We’ve tried other BFF varieties in the past and didn’t like them. But this flavor was a big hit with all three of us. When we got done eating, our plates were spotless! Even EK ate it and you know how picky he is. Look at us nomming away.





20140916_181729Now for the Blue Buffalo Kitty Yums beef flavor. These are soft treats. They have some ingredients mom wasn’t thrilled about because she knows kitties don’t really eat these things – brown rice, oatmeal, maple syrup, and potatoes. Nothing that’s really bad for us, but why put them in kitty treats? So taste them we did. We also happened to have the salmon and chicken flavors in the house from Blogpaws. All three flavors were a flop. I sniffed at them and walked away. EK sniffed them from a distance and didn’t even walk up to them. Candy ate a few the first time mom put them out but the next couple times even Candy didn’t eat them.

So those are the taste tests. We were paws up on the BFF dinner and paws down on the Kitty Yums. Stay tuned for more reviews and a visit from a twitter pal. I’ll really try to be better about blogging more regularly. Have a great week everyone!