PawPrints ID

Happy Sunday everyone! I got something real special today for you.

Mom’s always worried about my getting away from her when we go out someplace. 20140517_112042See the tag on my harness? (I know it’s fuzzy. Mom’s not the best photographer.) Well now, if I ever do get away from her, I have this pawsome tag on my harness that will help me get home to her. The tag is from PawPrintsID. We met them at Blogpaws and they gave us a tag to try out and review. If I were to get away from mom and someone else were to find me, they just have to scan my tag and PawPrintsID lets mom know someone found me!

Thank cat I haven’t gotten lost, but there was a way to test the tag. When you register your tag you get a test scan at the end. Mom scanned it, and the system sent her phone a text message and sent an email. Mom didn’t know how to do a screen grab from her phone, but she did get a screen grab of the email.


I know I’m chipped, but this is something anyone with a smart phone can do. I don’t have to go to a shelter or vet to be scanned. Plus, scans don’t always find the chip. And there are so many kinds of chips and the different chips don’t all react to the same scanners.

It’s small enough that it will fit almost any size pet without being uncomfortable. Mom’s glad I’ll now have the double safety of being chipped and having a tag that anyone can scan if I get lost. You can get the tag from your vet. If your vet doesn’t carry them, contact PawPrintsID directly.

That’s all for today. Have a great week everyone!

Reviews, reviews, reviews!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you all had a safe and happy 4th of July and weren’t bothered too much by fireworks.

Mom brought back all kinds of stuff from Blogpaws. So far we tested a whole bunch of foods and played with a new toy. First, the foods.

Here’s the list of foods I tried:

  • Against the Grain Caribbean Club with Chicken & Cheese
  • Against the Grain Chicken Mayflower
  • go! Grain Free Chicken Turkey + Duck Recipe
  • The Honest Kitchen Free-range Chicken, Vegetables, & Fruits Grain Free
  • Merrick Purrfect Bistro Beef Wellington
  • Weruva Truluxe Grain Free Chicken & Turkey in Gravy
  • now Fresh Grain Free adult

I think there might have been one or two others along the same lines, but mom forgot to save the labels. Did you notice a theme with all the foods? They’re all grain free, high quality foods. They all also have one more thing in common – we didn’t eat any of them! Every one of them had high quality ingredients and mom would have been thrilled if we had liked any of them. But you know how we kitties are. You can’t make us eat anything we don’t want to eat. But mom keeps trying.

We also had some Only Natural Pet Beef Jerky Bites. EK liked those, but we girls wouldn’t eat them.

Our favorite was some samples we got from Halo of Spot’s Stew grain free kibble in a couple of different flavors. We gobbled those up super fast! We just got a shipment of a different kind of kibbles, but that kibble set off Candy’s IBS so since we like it so much, mom’s gonna switch us to Halo and see how that goes.

20140706_095746The toy we got is a FroliCat Bolt Automatic Laser Light to play with! You know how we love playing with the little red dot. You can see the Bolt on the table and me watching the dot. At first mom was worried about us playing with it because we were so curious about the toy we kept looking in the place the light comes from. But mom emailed Petsafe and asked them and they said the light wasn’t strong enough to hurt us. We like it cuz mom gets bored making the red dot for us to chase. Now she just pushes the button and we can play for a long time. and when the dot stops she pushes the button again and we can play some more. It’s pawsome!

That’s it for today. I still have more great things to review for you, so I hope you’ll keep an eye out for the next one. Have a great week everyone!

We have a winner in the AAHA drawing!

OMC! I can’t believe mom forgot to help me with this post yesterday. I have to announce the winner of the $50 credit to an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital.

Concatulations to the lucky winner – Pamela C.! I’ve already sent an email to get the details so she can get her prize. I wish I could have given one to every one who entered and I want to say thank you to everyone who participated. And thank you to AAHA!

Have a great week everyone!

Edit: Pamela couldn’t find a participating vet in her area and asked me to pick a new winner. The new winner is Sparklecat! Concatulations!