Sleepy Places

Happy Sunday everyone! We’ve had some pawsome weather so I got a few stroller outings. I hope I get a few more while the weather’s still good.

We have all kinds of sleepy places around here.

All those pictures of us sleeping have made me sleepy, so I’m off to nap. On mom’s recliner, of course. Have a great week everyone!

Meet the Neighbors

Happy Sunday everyone! We’ve been having pawsome weather, so I got stroller rides two days in a row! Mom got home early from work on Friday so she took me to the playground. I got to nom the grass and climb the concrete ring around the jungle gym.

DSCN4520Saturday there was a Meet the Neighbors party and I went. I was the only kitty there. In fact, I was the only pet there! Silly mom didn’t take a camera so there are no pictures. Pffft. The picture above is from a different outing. Gotta have my picture in the post somewhere. MOL.

Anyway, we got to see some neighbors we already knew and a whole bunch we never met before. I got some walking around and nomming the grass time, but I didn’t spend a whole lot of time outside the stroller. There were too many sticky fingered humans running around and riding these things mom called ‘scooters’ and the scooters made me nervous.

Everyone thought I was so cute and asked mom lots of questions about me, Candy, and EK. One of the guys there was a real cat lover and he gave me some ham. Score! I think that was the best part of the party.

I hope everyone saw my article from Friday. I know that’s not my normal blog day, but I was behind on reviews and wanted to get this review out there. We’ve tried a lot of foods and some we wouldn’t eat because of texture. Well, mom got smart this time and mushed up the food to make it the texture we like. Maybe that’s something your humans can try if you don’t like a food because of texture and not because of taste.

That’s it for today. I hope everyone is enjoying their summer (if you’re in a summery part of the world). Have a great week everyone!