We had an intruder in our yard!

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. As some of you know, mom made game hens for Thanksgiving and didn’t share any with us! We were really mad at her for a while. But she’s been eating the extra ones that she froze, and did finally share some with us. I can report that game hen tastes pretty much like regular chicken – that is to say, quite nommy! We’re not mad at mom anymore.

We are indoor kitties. We can’t patrol the yard itself, but we do watch carefully from the back door and scare off any intruders that show up. Mostly it’s wandering kitties coming by and they leave when we yowl at them. Well, something came in our yard at night when we were upstairs protecting mom. It must have been trying to get in the house – look what it did to the screen!

20151031_111636Do you see how big that hole is? Thank cat the sliding glass door was closed! Whatever it was, was no stray kitty visiting our yard. They’ve never made holes in all the 10 years mom’s had the house! This had to be something bigger and more vicious. The neighbor lady thinks it was raccoons! Now, I’ve never seen a raccoon, but they must have some awfully nasty claws to do this.

Mom had the screen fixed. She took it to Ace Hardware. She loves Ace Hardware! (They did not pay us or ask us to do a review. Mom’s just really thrilled with them.) She had them put in special pet screening that’s supposed to be harder for us to put little holes in, and had them put a grate on the outside of the door to keep away the vicious animals that shredded the screen. They did a great job!

20151129_082447The reason mom’s so thrilled with Ace is not only did they do a fantastic job at a reasonable price, they even delivered the door at no extra charge! Can you imagine? When mom asked them to deliver the door and they said that it would be free cuz we lived so close to the store, mom was flabbergasted. When the guy came with the door, mom expected him to just leave the door. Well, he didn’t. He carried it to the back of the house and installed it just to be nice! It wasn’t prearranged or expected. You could have knocked mom over with a feather when that happened. Mom had called another place first and they wanted over twice as much to fix the screen and deliver and install it. That’s why mom took it to Ace. She figured it was worth doing the taking the door out and putting it back part herself to save the difference.

Well, either the intruder hasn’t been back, or the grate works because there’s no tears in the new screen. Let’s hope it stays that way.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Product Review – Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings

Happy Sunday everyone! We got sunshine’s today, but we’re supposed to get lots of snow later in the week. Mom’s on vacation this week so she’s not gonna have to drive in it. That’s always good news.

20151011_121222Chewy.com gave us another product to review – Wellness TruFood Tasty Pairings. We tried the Chicken, Pumpkin, and Turkey flavor.

Like everything we try, this one is also grain free and is very healthy. The meat is shredded so you can see that’s there’s lots of meat in it and not meat by-products. It’s also got pumpkin in it, and that’s always good for kitty tummies. The first ingredient is chicken broth. That provides much needed moisture since kitties never drink enough.

All three of us loved the way it smelled and dived right in! We licked up all the yummy pumpkin and chicken broth. 20151011_175714 20151011_175701

We ate some of the shreds the first time we tried it. So we got fed it again a few days later. We ate some of it, but a lot less than the first time. Third try we just ate the gravy and pumpkin. Same thing the fourth time. So mom gave up up feeding it to us. It drives Mom crazy that we’ll eat chicken from her hand, but not shredded chicken in cat food.

So the search goes on for a healthy wet food we’ll eat on a regular basis. Right now we’re eating Friskies cuz it’s the only one we’ll eat every single time, and is about the only one EK will eat on a fairly regular basis. I think if we ever find a healthy wet food that all three of us will eat every day without fail, mom will pass out. MOL! I’ve lost count of how many we’ve tried.

We don’t have any fancy plans for Thanksgiving. Mom’s making tiny chickens that she called game hens. They’re plucked and frozen – how are they gonna play games? *shakes head* Or are we supposed to play a game with them before we eat them? Anyway, our Thanksgiving is gonna be a nice quiet day at home eating little chickens, watching the Macy’s parade and lots of football, and snuggling in Mom’s lap. That sounds like a purrfect day to me. I’m thankful for Mom and fursibs and all my pawsome furriends! Considering I started out abandoned in a trailer park, I ended up with a pretty cushy life.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, and a peaceful one. Have a great week everybody!

Disclaimer – We got this product free from Chewy.com for review. All opinions are our own. We tell it like it is!



Product Review – Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up’s Supplement

Happy Sunday everyone. We’ve been having a spectacular fall. Only a few cold days. Mostly it’s been sunny, blue skies, and open windows so we can sniff the crunchy leaf smell.

20151017_130032It’s also the pumpkin time of year, and courtesy of chewy.com, we have a pumpkin product to review for you – Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up’s Supplement. Mom was glad to see this one come up for review because we have two kitty problems – one kitty with poops that are too hard and one with poops that are way too soft. Pumpkin is supposed to be good for both. Sometimes mom buys canned pumpkin for us, but it always goes bad before we finish the can. The Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up’s Supplement solves that problem because it comes in little foil packets. Each packet is just the right size to mix with a 5.5 can of food. EK’s the only one that likes plain pumpkin, but mixed in our food all three of us will eat it. And we lap it right up! Not only did it fix our poop problems, but it also adds extra moisture to our food. And kitties can’t get enough moisture.

My pal Cathy Keisha of Stunning Keisha wrote a pawsome review of this product.  I’ll let her tell you all the nutritional stuff cuz she’s much better at it than I am. You can read her review here.

So we give Weruva Pumpkin Patch Up! Supplement a paws up! We all like it, it’s good for us, and it does what it’s supposed to.

Before I go I want to remind that in memory of Louise Hobson, we’re donating money from every copy sold of Summer at the Lake with Petie to D’Arcy’s Animal Rescue Center. Get your copy (or copies) now while it’s still available. That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer – We got this product free from Chewy.com for review. All opinions are our own. We tell it like it is!