Anderson Park

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’re all having a good weekend. I know I am!

Ready to get out and explore!

Ready to get out and explore!

Yesterday, Mom took me to Anderson Park. I haven’t been to the park all summer because it’s either been raining, too hot, or mom was busy. You can’t imagine how excited I was to finally get to go out! I love going to the park and walking around. It’s so fun to explore. Mom’s friend, Chris, and her cat, Stanley, met us there.

I was having a great time walking around, exploring grass and leaves and all kinds of plants and things. Then I found a really cool log and wanted to go in it, but mom wouldn’t let me. I got mad and pulled right out of my brand new Hello Kitty harness! Mom wasn’t fast enough to catch me, but Chris was. I guess that’s a good thing even though I didn’t get to crawl in the log. It would have been terrible if I had gotten lost. I guess I won’t be wearing that harness again.

Mom took lots of pictures of me and Stanley.

After we were done at the park, mom took me to Petco to buy treats. I got to eat a whole bunch of them when I got home. Nommy!

That’s it for today. Happy Labor Day to my pals in the USA and have a great week everyone!

Product Review: Temptations Snacky Mouse

Happy Sunday everyone! We’ve been watching lots and lots of football. Some of my favorite teams did badly this weekend. But the Broncos won!

We got a real goody to review from this month – the Temptations Snacky Mouse. It’s a little mouse you open up to put treats in. The you play with the mouse and the treats fall out so you can eat them. It comes with a little bag of treats to get you started.20150805_203215We’ve had similar treat releasing toys and didn’t like them. They were hard to load, or difficult to tip over, or all the treats fell out at once. Not the Snacky Mouse! It was easy to tip, but the treats don’t all fall out at once. And it’s small enough to bat around so it’s fun to play with even when it’s empty.

We weren’t too interested in the treats that came with the mouse. We had a whole lot of Friskies Party Mix we’d ordered from Chewy in our last food order. Those were purrfect! They fit in the Snacky Mouse just fine, and we love to eat them.20150805_203705 2Snacky Mouse was a hit with all three of us. Let me tell you, that usually doesn’t happen around here!

So to sum up, the Snacky Mouse itself is a big hit but the treats that came with it weren’t. But since other treats fit in there, the mouse is gonna get a lot of use in this house. Mom fills it every morning before she leaves for work. It’s always empty when she gets home. Snacky Mouse gets 4 paws up from each of us!

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer – We got the Snacky Mouse for free to review. The Friskies Party Mix we bought. All opinions, as always, are our own.

Another Easy on Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Got some fun pictures for you today.

Here’s something mom thought she’d never see – me and Candy gettin’ our easy on together! We never spend time together. 20150808_172911Mom’s jaw about dropped when Candy got up on the chair with me and I didn’t get down. She couldn’t get the camera fast enough! We just both wanted the chair so we decided to call a detente. MOL

You’ve heard me talk about EK’s funny ear. He looks like a typical dilute orange tabby. His markings are pretty symmetrical except for his left ear. That ear is what made mom fall in love with him. How funny is that? She finally got a good picture of it.20150803_182307Isn’t that cute? Couldn’t you just nibble it?

I got one last pic for you. We’ve been getting lots of packages – mostly kitty food and litter and stuff to review. We love packages cuz that means boxes and crinkly paper. We love boxes and crinkly paper!20150715_223601Mom eventually moved the everything to the living room. She let us play with them for about three weeks until she got tired of the mess we were making with the paper. Yesterday, she put all the crinkly paper and boxes in the recycling so she could clean up and vacuum. We were upset at first but then we remembered that new boxes and paper will show up with the next food shipment. I guess we could do without for a while.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!