Yard Visitors

Happy Sunday everyone! Mother Nature seems to be very confused. We’ve had springlike weather for weeks! Friday was over 80F. It’s February! We should be freezing and buried in snow. I have to say, I’m enjoying the nice weather. We even had open windows here for a couple of days.

As some of you may already know, Mom’s been thinking for a while now about selling our big house and downsizing to something more sensible. She bought this house with her mom. She would have sold it a long time ago when her mom died, but the prices fell so low she couldn’t. Well, the prices are finally right to sell and move, so that’s what we’re going to do. Unfortunately, the Denver area is too expensive for us to stay in once Mom retires, so she’s looking at houses in Colorado Springs. That way she’ll still be close enough to Denver to see her friends sometimes. It’s hard to leave friends you’ve had for 25 years or more. She was looking at Phoenix because she thought she couldn’t even afford the Springs, but it looks like the Springs it will be!

One of the things I’ll miss the most when we move is seeing the amazing birds that come visit our yard. We have this tremendous pine tree that seems to attrack birds of prey. We also get lots of mourning doves and ring-neck doves that come visiting. The two close-up pictures have captions you can see if you scroll over the pictures.

We get other kinds of birds too, and a lot of bunnies but these are the most amazing visitors. I hope our new house gets cool yard visitors.

Have a great week everyone!

Product Review – Petstages Tower of Tracks Cat Toy

Happy Sunday everyone! OMC! Have I got something special for you today. We got a toy for testing from Chewy.com. Usually we get food or treats. So getting a toy was a different kind of treat for us.

We got the Petstage Tower of Tracks Cat Toy. Petstages toys are designed to help pet parents select the correct toy for each stage of their furbaby’s development. EK is crazy about track toys, so we were real excited this toy was available for testing.

Mom and I knew EK would love this, but Mom was really surprised at how much Candy and I like it, too. I don’t usually do video, but that’s the best way to show off a toy.

I got a couple of still pics, too. We haven’t stopped playing with the Tower of Tracks since mom put it out for us. 

EK plays with it the most. He’s so crazy when he plays with it that it winds up upside-down, sideways, and all over the living room. The Tower of Tracks is so sturdy that it’s weathered EK’s roughhousing really well. I would recommend this toy for kitties of all ages.

We have some other Petstages toys that we’ve bought or gotten as gifts or prizes from friends, and they’re very popular in this house. We each have our favorites. This is the first toy that’s entered our house that all three of us play with.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone.

Disclaimer – we received the toy free from Chewy.com for review. We received no other compensation. And as always, our opinion is our own. 

Product Review – Pyro Pet Candles

Hi everyone! I have something a little different for you today. I got an email from Pyro Pet candles asking me if I’d review one of their candles. These are very different candles. The candles are shaped like different animals, and as they burn down, they reveal the skeleton of the animal they’re shaped like. We chose a pink kitty.  Here’s a series of pictures as the candle burns down.


In this picture you can see the skeleton emerging from the candle. You can also see the mess the candle is making and why we had to move the candle from a tile to a bowl.


Here’s one with the flame out so you can see better. The skeleton is really cool, but the candle dripped a lot and made quite a mess.

This was after about 30 hours of burning. I never finished burning it so I don’t know how many more hours it would have burned, but they are very long burning candles. The candles come in cat, rabbit, reindeer, and bird shapes, and they come in a variety of colors and scents.

Disclaimer – I received the candle for free from PyroPetCandles.com. I received no other compensation and as always, my opinion is my own.