Product Review – KONG Active Cat Play Mat

Happy Sunday everyone! I had a pawsome twitter adventure yesterday with my hubby, Henry (@quadpawd). We had a picnic and a helicopter ride over Rocky Mountain National Park. I’d show you pictures, but I forgot to ask him if I could use his pictures in my blog. It was really amazing!

20150707_184837This month, we’re reviewing something different that we got for free from Usually we get food or treats. This month we got a toy – the Kong Active Play Mat. It’s got sisal on one side for scratching, a soft side for napping, tassels on the corner for chewing on and playing with, and it makes crinkly noises.

20150707_185016I had to check it out right away. The sisal didn’t interest me much though. Eventually, mom turned it over to the soft side and I napped on it, but she couldn’t get a picture of that. I kept getting up every time she tried to take my picture. She hasn’t noticed me playing with it much either. Just napping on it.

20150707_185040Candy checked it out too, but she didn’t seem furry interested in it at all. That was kind of surprising cuz it makes crinkly noises and she loves crinkly brown wrapping paper. Mom thought the crinkles would be a big hit with her.


EK never checked it out. Even though he loves sisal, he never even sniffed the mat. So it was a big dud in his world. Just goes to show, you never know what a kitty will or won’t like. So I guess you can say it gets a paws up from me as a napping mat (and you can’t have too many napping places), but paws down from everyone as a toy.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer – we received the play mat for free to review from All opinions are our own.

Easy on Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday as much as I’m enjoying mine.

We got the hots so I decided I needed to get my easy on.20150130_231723This basket of blankies is even more comfy than it looks! A purrfect place for getting my easy on.

Life’s been boring around my house, so no adventures or anything else to report on. Just lots of summer laziness. MOL

Have a great week everyone!

Product Review – Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ Cat Food

Happy Sunday everyone! We had our first weekend at the Lake with Petie. It was pawsome fun! I went skooba diving. I don’t know when the next one is, but keep an eye out for pals talking about #lwp. You won’t want to miss the next one.

1-20150607_182408I got a new food to try for free from It’s Natural Balance® Wild Pursuit™ Cat Food. We got the Turkey, Chicken, and Quail formula. Some of my kitty furriends had tried it and they really liked it. Mom’s been looking for an alternative for us because sometimes we get bored with our food and won’t eat.

The food has good, healthy ingredients that are good for kitties. It’s got real meat kitties need and no by-products we don’t. And I’m told quail is something that feral kitties like when they can catch them. Mom thought we’d like it, too.

It really is very meaty. It’s so thick, mom had to water it down more than usual. She always waters our food down cuz we like it soupy and so we get more moisture. Here’s before and after pictures. See how thick it is?


Here’s the first taste test:

2-20150607_182635Notice something? There’s only two kitties trying the food. No EK. He took a few sniffs and walked off. Candy took a couple of licks and walked off too. Mom tried it a few different times just to make sure we just didn’t need a chance to get used to it. No dice.

Mom was really disappointed that we didn’t like the food. So the search for a back-up food continues. Considering how many we tried just to find the one we currently eat (most of the time), I guess mom shouldn’t have been surprised that we didn’t like this one. We still love our kibbles, so we’re in no danger of starving. MOL

That’s it for today. Have a good week everyone!