Another Easy on Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! Got some fun pictures for you today.

Here’s something mom thought she’d never see – me and Candy gettin’ our easy on together! We never spend time together. 20150808_172911Mom’s jaw about dropped when Candy got up on the chair with me and I didn’t get down. She couldn’t get the camera fast enough! We just both wanted the chair so we decided to call a detente. MOL

You’ve heard me talk about EK’s funny ear. He looks like a typical dilute orange tabby. His markings are pretty symmetrical except for his left ear. That ear is what made mom fall in love with him. How funny is that? She finally got a good picture of it.20150803_182307Isn’t that cute? Couldn’t you just nibble it?

I got one last pic for you. We’ve been getting lots of packages – mostly kitty food and litter and stuff to review. We love packages cuz that means boxes and crinkly paper. We love boxes and crinkly paper!20150715_223601Mom eventually moved the everything to the living room. She let us play with them for about three weeks until she got tired of the mess we were making with the paper. Yesterday, she put all the crinkly paper and boxes in the recycling so she could clean up and vacuum. We were upset at first but then we remembered that new boxes and paper will show up with the next food shipment. I guess we could do without for a while.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Product Review – KONG Active Cat Play Mat

Happy Sunday everyone! I had a pawsome twitter adventure yesterday with my hubby, Henry (@quadpawd). We had a picnic and a helicopter ride over Rocky Mountain National Park. I’d show you pictures, but I forgot to ask him if I could use his pictures in my blog. It was really amazing!

20150707_184837This month, we’re reviewing something different that we got for free from Usually we get food or treats. This month we got a toy – the Kong Active Play Mat. It’s got sisal on one side for scratching, a soft side for napping, tassels on the corner for chewing on and playing with, and it makes crinkly noises.

20150707_185016I had to check it out right away. The sisal didn’t interest me much though. Eventually, mom turned it over to the soft side and I napped on it, but she couldn’t get a picture of that. I kept getting up every time she tried to take my picture. She hasn’t noticed me playing with it much either. Just napping on it.

20150707_185040Candy checked it out too, but she didn’t seem furry interested in it at all. That was kind of surprising cuz it makes crinkly noises and she loves crinkly brown wrapping paper. Mom thought the crinkles would be a big hit with her.


EK never checked it out. Even though he loves sisal, he never even sniffed the mat. So it was a big dud in his world. Just goes to show, you never know what a kitty will or won’t like. So I guess you can say it gets a paws up from me as a napping mat (and you can’t have too many napping places), but paws down from everyone as a toy.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

Disclaimer – we received the play mat for free to review from All opinions are our own.

Easy on Sunday

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’re enjoying your Sunday as much as I’m enjoying mine.

We got the hots so I decided I needed to get my easy on.20150130_231723This basket of blankies is even more comfy than it looks! A purrfect place for getting my easy on.

Life’s been boring around my house, so no adventures or anything else to report on. Just lots of summer laziness. MOL

Have a great week everyone!