Kitten scribbles

Random musings today.

I got Royal Mails yesterday. My #pawpawty prize of a scarf from @pasikas came. There was a surprise in the package! 2 scarves! More details and pics by the weekend.

Mom was reading this today:  There’s a picture there that looks just like me. Kitty that looks like me. This kitty even has circular markings on its belly like mine. Mom thought I might be a Maine Coon mix because of my personality and cause of my beautiful fur and markings. Now she’s pretty sure.

Mom saw a coyote when she took her walk yesterday. It was just outside the fence to our subdivision. It was staring at her, so she just stood real still so it wouldn’t be scared of her. Finally it walked off and Mom finished her walk. I’m glad I wasn’t with her even though I would be safe in my stroller. Being that close to a coyote sounds scary.

The man from the insurance company comes tomorrow and then Mom will know more about the roof. She knows they’ll fix it. She’s just hoping they give us enough money for a roof that won’t get holes in it again. Then we don’t have to worry no more about ice cubes from the sky.

I’ll try to do a good post this weekend. Mommy has to go to a wedding one day and a baseball game another, but I’ll make her sit down at the ‘puter and type for me and put my pics up.