Insurance Companies are Strange

My furriends, I’m telling you insurance companies are just strange. They pay you not to do stuff. What sense does that make?

The insurance man came for the roof yesterday and to see what else was broken. The roof definitely needs to be replaced. The insurance will also pay for some other stuff the hail (I finally learned what the ice cubes were called) broke that needs to be replaced. He also said there are dents in the gutters that they’re going to pay us for. He recommended we don’t replace the gutters because the dents don’t affect how they work and whoever put them in did a really good job (the gutters, not the dents). They’re also going to pay us for dents in the garage door (that Mom can’t see). He said don’t replace the door, it’s not worth doing. Now my furriends, you tell me what sense that makes?

It’s good for Mom that we’re getting this extra money – it will probably cover the deductible and she’s not worried about whether or not she can get the roof fixed anymore. But how much sense does it make to pay people for stuff that doesn’t need fixed, even if it is a little banged up? My little kitty brain says if you pay people to fix stuff, they have to fix it. But no, that’s not the way it works. They pay you for everything that’s broken or dented. You only have to fix stuff that makes the house safe.

They did the same thing with the car. Mom’s car used to have a fancy bumper that was low to the ground and got all scraped up. When Mom had it fixed, she had them put on the not fancy bumper that’s not so low to the ground. Guess what they paid for? The fancy bumper. Mom is supposed to get a check for the difference between the fancy bumper and the not fancy bumper. I guess it’s lucky for us that they did that because the garbage disposal quit working yesterday. I hope nothing else breaks!