Sunday Musings

V-E-T went ok. I weigh 9.6 lbs and somehow I lost my 2 bottom front toofies. Don’t know when or how. The v-e-t said I’m perfect (well, almost – darn missing toofies). There’s a new kind of injection that doesn’t have a needle, but it makes a really loud noise and it scared me. I hissed and growled and got EK all upset.

EK did good too. He was better about his injections than I was. *hangs head in shame* I can’t believe that little squirt was braver than me. He purred almost the whole time and the vet techs were all over him petting him and telling him how cute he was.  He’s about 4 lbs, so he won’t get much bigger than me when he’s full grown. We’re just a house full of little cats.

We’re all on a prescription diet for a while cuz Candy’s had ucky tummy for a long time and medicine didn’t help. The prescription food is pretty nommy, so we’re not too upset. And it is helping Candy. She’s we’ve only been eating it less than a week and she’s already feeling better. Mom had to buy a Spot Bot cuz Candy peed on the rug a couple of times. We’re hoping that when she’s better she won’t do that anymore.

Speaking of Candy, we’re getting along better. I shared a chair with her for a nap and even ate out of the same dish as her. I still give her a hard time sometimes, but I think we’re gonna be ok together. 

I’m doing a book review later this week. It will be in the #readpawty blog – Anipals Read. I hope to have it done by Thursday, so look for it then.

It’s snowing lots and lots today. It makes the world feel very quiet. It’s pretty outside, too. All clean and white and sparkly. I love fresh snow!

That’s it for this week. Meow at you later.