For Nimbus – Goodbye Dear Furriend.

My eyes are leaking as I write this. Another angel has crossed the rainbow bridge. After a long, difficult fight, my dear furriend Nimbus has left us. I know his whole family is brokenhearted, as am I. TSB did everything humanly possible to help Nimbus get better, but Bast had other plans for him. Now he’s over the bridge, and I know he’ll keep an eye on his fur-mom Jadzia and his uncle, my darling Curzon, from there.

I wish I could come up with something clever or deep to say, but I’m kind of numb. I wish I could just whisk Curzon off someplace and the two of us just be alone with our sadness, but that’s very selfish. He and his family need each other. I know there’s nothing I can say or do to really help ease their pain. Only time can do that. All I can do is send all my love and be there when they want to talk.

TSB, I know you did the very best anyone could have done for Nimbus. No one could have given him more love or more help. Curzon & Jadzia – my love to you both. *big hugs and healing purrs*.

If you want to leave love and messages for the family, you can do so here: Us Three Coons. You can also light a candle in memory of Nimbus:;=Nimbu Enter group Nimbu.