Sunday Musings a day late.

Happy Monday everyone! I have to tell you about my weekend. It was quite exciting.

Once a year, Mom and some of her friends get together for a whole weekend to do crafts, play games, and hang out. This year they all came to our house. It’s girls only, but we let EK stay anyway. MOL. I’m not used to so many people around, so Friday night I mostly hid from everyone, but I did come out for dinner. EK and Candy are more outgoing, so they hung out with Mom and her friends.

There were people sleeping all over the house. All the bedrooms were full, and there was even someone sleeping in the living room!

Candy & EK sleeping on the cot in the living room that mom set up for company to sleep on.

EK needs to learn that cats are supposed to have dignity. I’d be too embarrassed to be seen like that.
Since all the beds were taken, I slept on the sofa. Mom tucked me in all nice and cozy.

Saturday was the most people. Some people came just for the day instead of staying the whole weekend. There were a bunch of tables set up in the living room and dining room for people to work at and stuff piled everywhere. I don’t know what’s so interesting about cutting out pictures and sticking them to paper, but they must have been having a good time because they couldn’t stop laughing.

Saturday night they had Cajun food so they made it a Mardi Gras party. They had masks and beads and everything.

Ek tried to eat his beads.

Doesn’t Candy look pretty in hers?

Now that’s just showing off.

Notice who’s missing from the pictures? Me! I hadn’t made up my mind yet to join the fun. but I finally did after dinner Saturday night. I even let people pet me! Here’s proof:

One contented kitty.

We got spoiled and petted and played with all weekend. It was very exciting having so many people around. What kitty could resist so many new sights and smells and getting fussed over so much?  And the best part – I learned that I don’t have to hide from people anymore. Everyone that comes to our house loves kitties. I guess mom just picks her friends that way.