Sunday Musings

Happy Sunday efurybody! I hope you all had fun at #SciFiPawty yesterday. I know I did!

I also got my first stroller ride of the season yesterday. Here I am in my stroller:

We saw hawks and a robin. We didn’t have the good camera, so we didn’t get a good picture of the hawk, but we did get a good picture of the robin.

We were walking along, and all of a sudden we heard this squeaking coming up out of the ground!

We kept walking along and then we saw all these mounds that hadn’t been there last year.

Finally our mystery was solved. Look what we found! A prairie dog. Their tunnels must be so close to the surface that we could hear them squeaking in their tunnels.

When we got home and Mom took me out of the stroller and took the harness off, guess what she did. She put the harness on Candy! Then she put Candy in MY stroller. MY STROLLER! How dare she! Don’t believe me? Just look at these pictures:

She looks like she’s made herself entirely too comfortable in MY stroller. I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I really don’t mind having fursibs, but do I really have to share everything with them? Next thing you know they’ll be taking over my blog and my twitter account! What’s a kitty to do?

That’s it for this week. have a good week my furriends!