Sunday Musings – New Food & Anipal Photo Hunt: Grazing

Happy Sunday everyone. Wasn’t the @ATPawty just fabulous? And at #nipclub we had a bridal shower and stag pawty for @CatGoddessAthena and @DaBooPatrol. What an exciting week it’s been.

Here’s the latest on me and the fursibs. We decided we don’t like our crunchies anymore, so Mom’s been trying 2 new kinds to see how Candy’s tummy does. So far so good with both of them. One of them is Nutro Natural Choice Healthy Weight Adult. It was in the Nutro prize we won a while back, but we had to get Candy’s tummy problems solved before we could try it. Here’s what we think of it:

Look at us. Lined up like piggies at a trough! We crunched away until the dishes were empty. We really like it.

The other food Mom ordered online. It was Natural Balance Original Ultra Premium Formula Cat Food. We did about the same thing with that one. So now Mom’s trying to decide which one to feed us. It guess since they’re both good foods, it will be whichever one she can get cheaper. MOL

I was supposed to go for a walk this morning, but when Mom wanted to put me in the stroller, I ran off. So guess who got a stroller ride again – Candy. I guess I’d better quit hiding when it’s stroller time or Candy will take it over for good. 🙁

How’s that for a sad face? Do I look pitiful enough? I was trying to make Mom feel sorry for me, but I don’t think it worked. She just laughed and took a picture. What’s a girl gotta do to get some sympathy around this house?

Ek’s his usual holy terror. Look at him nomming on Candy. I don’t know how she puts up with it.

He’s such a monster sometimes. He looks so innocent when he’s sleeping, you’d never know he was such a little devil boy.

That’s it for today. Have a good week everybody!

Edit: I think it’s too funny that I post the first picture in this blog and this week’s Anipal photo hunt is about grazing, cuz they we are, grazing in the new food. So I’m gonna add this blog to the photo hunt. You should play, too.