Sunday Musings – Lots of Thank Yous!

Happy Sunday everyone! My blogiversary week has been pawsome, and it wouldn’t have been without all the help from my furriends.
I’ve already thanked some of you for your links to my blog and to my book, but I have some new thank yous that need to go out.
First, I want to thank @DashKitten for putting an announcement on his blog, Dash Kitten’s Mewsings. @DashKitten assists so many pals by helping them spread the word about their efforts to help other animals. We all have so much we’re trying to do, and no one can do it alone. It’s so wonderful to have this network of pals that work together to make life better for everyone.
Next I want to thank everyone that bought a copy of ‘Summer at the Lake with Petie‘ in the last few days.  I needed to sell 6 copies to have enough in the account to get paid so I could send the money to Duncan’s Place. Well, pals bought 14 copies! 14! That’s so amazing. Some pals even ordered multiple copies. Duncan’s Place is going to be getting a very nice donation next month once the payment processes. 
Next, a shout out to @Mariodacat & @TheNascarKitty. Not for anything they’ve done for me personally, but just because they’re always putting others first. This week they pulled off an amazing feat!  Mario’s been helping @TheNascarKitty raise money so his dad can transport two woofies named Pugs & Doodles to a new home in California. They were living in an abusive environment that their mom just had to get out of, and @TheNascarKitty’s dad is helping them relocate Pugs & Doodles. The whole story is on Mario’s website, Mario’s Meowsings, and over at the NipClub Blogspot. They managed to raise enough money to fly the dogs to their new home. Bravo guys! Well done.

Now for an update on my drawing. Either no one wants to win the Nutro prize package from the wonderful people at Nutro ( & Greenies (, or no one can follow directions. My blogiversary blog has had over 140 views and almost 30 comments, but only 8 entries for the drawing! My furriends, I just don’t understand it. How can anyone not want to have a box arrive at their door that’s full of nommy kibble and treats, a tote for your people, and some really fun toys? 


Now I know some of you are on special diets. Enter anyway. You can donate it to a shelter or someone you know who can use it. If you want to enter, go to my blogiversary blog and leave a comment. Make sure you say in the comment that you want to enter the drawing so I can tell your entry comment from the other comments. Of course, if no one else enters, that leaves really good odds of winning for the few that enter. MOL

So that’s it for this weekend. Have a great week!