Sunday Musing – Prizes!

I’m a very bad kitty. I’m way behind on posting about some prizes I won. One of them because the weather didn’t cooperate, the others because I’ve just been lazy about blogging. *embarrassed*

So here they are. The first one I have to tell you about is my Kritter Kondo. I won it back in December, but didn’t get to use it until a few weeks ago. The weather was just too yucky to be out on the ground. So here are the first pictures of me in my Kritter Kondo!

Mom’s not the world’s est photographer, so she couldn’t get the camera to focus on me instead of the netting, but that’s me! I spent about 20 minutes in the Kondo, and then EK got a turn.

For some reason, he’s easier to see. He took a long time to come out of the tent, and then kept trying to crawl in mom’s lap despite the netting. He didn’t stay outside very long at all.

Candy didn’t get a turn cuz she had a stroller ride that day so already got to be outside. Since then we’ve mostly had rain, so she still hasn’t gotten a turn. But she will!

The next prize I have to tell you about is from @coloradocatnip. They make wonderful toys and things for kitties and they have fresh organic catnip in them. Here are Candy and I playing with the new toys.

The last prize I have to show you is the medal we won from the 2011 Teddy Olympics. We all entered, but EK wouldn’t wear the medal for a picture, so there’s just Candy and me.

Finally, I’m all caught up! Happy Sunday!