My Blog is Moving

I really love blogger. Really. It’s simple and straightforward and lets me blog without too much fuss. I can’t do anything fancy, but I don’t need to. With the introduction of Google+, Google has taken on an anti-user attitude lately. This makes me very very sad. They’re insisting that all users must use real names and be real people. Well, I may be using my real name, but I’m a kitty and they don’t seem to like that. Google is starting to suspend accounts of users that aren’t using real names, so I’m working on moving my stuff over to Word Press before my account gets suspended. Word Press doesn’t seem to care that I’m a cat.

It’s gonna take me a while to get everything over there and working properly. I’d appreciate any advice I can get from others who’ve already been through this process. The automatic import only brought in the titles of the blogs and the names of the commentors, but no content. so this is gonna take a while. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. In fact, I may do something very special to launch my new site!

There’s gonna be some changes at the new site. One of them is that I’m starting to carry advertising. I know we all are kind of tired of ads everywhere, but I still think I have to do this. The money from the ads is where I get my money to donate to #pawpawty and #nipclub charities,, and all the other places I donate. I’ve been doing sponsered tweets for a while, but that’s not enough money. So I’m finding ways to carry paid ads on my site. Some will be banners on the web site. Others will be in the form of a blog entry. I hope you’ll visit my advertisers. The more successful ads on my site are, the more I’ll make for animal charities.

That’s it for this Sunday. Have a good week everyone!

Edit: Some of you don’t know what I’m talking about. Google+ is Google’s latest attempt at social networking. They’re insisting that anyone using Google+ use their real name and be able to prove it’s their real name. They’re suspending accounts for people using pseudonyms. They’re not just suspending the Google+ account, but blocking people from accessing anything they have in Google. A friend of mom’s has already had this done.

I’ve decided not to wait and see what happens. I’ve downloaded all my Google info (photos, contacts, posts, etc.), backed up my blog, and am moving my blog to Word Press. Once I’ve successfully done that, I’m going to register my own domain and change my  email, too.

Personally, I think Google is being very shortsided. Google was the most user friendly integrated system out there. That’s why I jumped at using Google+ the week it was introduced. I think Google+’s best chance at competing in the social networking world is to be what the users want. If it’s going to be as restrictive as Facebook and start treating us as product to be sold to advertisers rather than as the consumers, I think this will eventually come back to bite them in the butt.

I was so excited about Google+. Now I wish I hadn’t signed up for it and sent out invites to others.. I’m not sure I would be as at risk of losing access to everything I have in Google if I had not jumped on the Google+ bandwagon. I don’t know how long the process will take as I’m having problems with the transfer. I’ll keep you posted on the change and I’ll keep blogging here until I either finalize the transfer process or lose access to my account. Sorry if I’ve been a little long-winded, but I’m not sure I could have explained this more concisely.