My Poor Woolly Snail

As you know, about two months ago I ordered a pink woolly snail from Nip and Bones. And you know EK promptly stole it from me. Well, this is what my poor snail looks like 2 months later!

My poor snail!

It didn’t take him a week to pull the swirly off the back and chew through one of the antennas. Now, only two months later, the snail’s hump is almost pulled off and there’s pink fuzz all over the house. What am I gonna do with that boy? He breaks everything he gets his paws on!

Sometimes I just have to keep reminding myself that I really do love my brofur. He just makes it furry hard sometimes.

9 thoughts on “My Poor Woolly Snail”

  1. It was nice of you to “share” your toy, but rather rude of EK to ruin it. At least he didn’t get lots of pink fuzz stuck in his tummy. Have you ever tried a Wooly Booly (spelling?). EK might like it and it’s not so destructible.

  2. Oh no, your poor snail! This is exactly what Pinky the dog does with all my toys. She steals them out of the toy basket and she chews them up. And it doesn’t take two months, let me tell you! Just a day or two is enough for Pinky. So as bad as EK is, it could be much, much worse. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

  3. Oh noes!! OMC! Mine doesn’t even look likes dat and I had mine for months now. The swirl did starts to come off a bit but it still dere. Maybe the larger one would stands up to him?? If you wants another one just say the word, I will has momma slip one in the mail just for you. Purrrrrrrrrrrs

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