Good-bye Dear @Scully_Cat

I don't know who made this avi for Scully, but I hope they don't mind that I borrowed it.

Today we all said good-bye to one of the feistiest cats on Twitter, my furriend, @Scully_Cat. It feels like deja vu. It seems we just did this for her brofur, @Mulder_Cat.

@Scully_Cat was smart, sassy, funny, and could give her @Staffpurrson or anyone else the stinkeye like no one else could. She was a brave kitty who fought a really tough fight against chronic renal failure. Now she’s OTRB with Mulder, running free and happy like a kitten and no longer in pain. I’m sure Mulder stocked the mansion with cases and cases of Luna Tuna in preparation for Scully’s arrival.

I wish we lived closer to @Staffpurrson so we could be of more comfort to him right now. He’s alone in the house for the first time in 12 years, and a bad storm is on the way. It breaks my heart to think of him alone in a storm with no kitty for company. @Staffpurrson did the best he could for Scully, going way above and beyond what a lot of pet parents would have done. I hope he doesn’t wait too long to bring home new fur furriends. Any cats he chooses to adopt will be furry lucky to have him.

If anyone wants to make a donation in @Scully_Cat’s honor, you can donate to Kings Highway Cat Rescue Inc. This is the shelter that @Mulder_Cat came from. Let them know it’s in memory of Scully Kreps.

Mulder and Scully are the ones that brought me to Twitter and blogging, and now they’re both gone. I hope they’ll continue to tweet from OTRB. It’s hard to think of the anipal twitterverse without their humor, wit, and chutzpah.

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  1. I was so sad to read this today on Twitter. Scully was really a fighter, and she was around far longer than I thought she would be! Even so, it was still hard to say good-bye. She was an awesome kitty, and I am sending lots of purrs to her human.

  2. I am truly touched by your words. I will miss her. I didn’t know Mulder, but am sure I would have liked him as well. I too ache for staffpurrson. I hope he knows that we have him in our thoughts.

  3. *Leaky eyes* I will miss our sassy Scully very, very much! Sending #ComfortingPurrrs to Staff who I hope knows how much we love him too! Thanks Pumpkin for a beautiful tribute to a pawsome ladycat! Scully & her fabulous stinkeye will live in our hearts forever! ((HUGS))

  4. Beautiful tribute to our dear Scully_Cat Pumpkin. Thank you too for doing the beautiful Yiddish Prayer on Twitter today. I’m sure it meant the world to Staffpurrson and it did to those of us sitting on ScullysPorch too. Scully will be sadly missed, but it’s comforting to know she won’t be in pain, and is running free with Mulder now. I’m sure he is taking good care of her. Our heart breaks for Staffpurrson too. He exceeded all expectations of being a pet parent, and we hope he one day soon find a new kitty or two to adopt. I think he will when he is ready.

  5. What a nice tribute to Scully_cat (and Mulder_cat)! I will miss both of them very much. Staffpurrson took such great care of them both. Comforting purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to him and to all Scully_cat’s friends.

  6. Thank you for the lovely tribute to my Scully. She also came from Kings Highway Cat Rescue — both she and Mulder were co-CEOs and hired me for their staff on March 17, 1999. I walked into their “office” and Scully hopped right up onto the kitchen counter, walked over to me, and starting talking at me. She had me at “meow.”

    1. I knew Mulder came from there, but I didn’t know Scully came from there, too. That’s such a great story about how you two found each other. Thank you for sharing Mulder and Scully with us. *hugs*

  7. I am so very sorry to hear about @Scully_Cat. My twitter client (and I’ve tried them all) just locks up or slows down to the point where I can follow # events. I send many purrs and hugs to @Staffpurrson .

  8. Wat a luvly tribyute to dear Scully – Lily descrybes her well, sassy Scully! I will miss herz an herz stinkeye but its good to know herz iz wiv Mulder now an can run free an be healthy again.

  9. Thank you so much for such a lovely tribute, and for leading the Mourner’s Kaddish yesterday. May all these caring thoughts bring @Staffpurrson peace through this difficult time.

    HaMakom yenachem et’chem b’toch shar avay’lay Tzion… May he be comforted among the mourners…

  10. So sorry to hear about Scully but also happy that she and Mulder are together again. So sad for staffpurrson though so all my family are sending him hugs and he can have all the Yoda kisses he wants.

  11. Pumpkin, That was a really wonderful tribute to a fine lass. Scully touched many lives and will be missed by all. Scully and Mulder will never be replaced, but I too hope that their dear Staffpurrson will open his heart to another (or more) kitt(y/ies) when he is ready. Any cat would be lucky to have him!

    BTW, I dreamed of Scully, Mulder, and my late brother Oscar last night. They were running through a field and chasing a little mouse. Every once and a while, Mulder and Scully would wrestle to the ground. Scully would show some major ‘tude’ and they would get back up and start chasing the mousie again. They looked like they were having a blast.

    At one point, the field turned into a big storm cloud and all three kitties began blowing against the current. It was almost like they were trying to weaken the wind. Here it got kind of sad…

    Scully peaked over the edge of the cloud and waved her paw at a building below. Mulder whispered something in her ear about their best friend in a place called ‘Jersey.’ They then leaned into each other, as they watched the scene below.

    As they sat there Oscar caught the mouse and dropped it near the two friends. During their snack the two old roommates and Oscar meowed about old times when they had walked among the two-leggeds…

    It was a beautiful dream!

  12. Pumpkin dat is such a nyce tribute to @Scully_Cat dat yoo did on twitter, and dis one too! I hope dat @staffpurrson gets more furfwends to help comfort him and keep him company. My mama got me after one uv her most special furrfwends passed, and she alwayze tells me I helped her so much! I also helped my sisfurs who were missing him. Softpaw to @Scully_Cat’s @staffpurrson, and kitten nosetaps to yoo fur all yoo do!

    1. Thanks! Nosetaps to you, too.

      The year Mom got me, she lost both of her older kitties just six months apart. It’s furry hard to say good-bye to two kitties so close together. My heart hurts for @staffpurrson. I hope he doesn’t wait too long to get new fur furriends, although of course, only he will know when the time is right.

  13. What a catastic tribute. I too will miss Scully, I’m not on twitter every day, but I would see her in the mornings. I am purry sad for her staffpurrson. Momma cat has lost many kitties over the years. Its so hard to deal with. Our latest loss was the week after Mother’s Day, our little rescue Bitsy left us.

    Thankfully people are made with hearts that keep giving out love, so someday (I bet ya) staffpurrson will welcome 2 more loving kitties in their home. Purrs to you staffpurrson.

  14. * bows head and pays silent respects to @Scully_Cat *

    Thank you for a moving tribute. We agree100% that @Staffpurrson is the most amazing guy. Scully was with us for so long, and he worked so hard for her. Farewell Scully, now free of pain, running free, and so much missed by everyone of your Twitter pals.

  15. This brought the tears to our eyes *sniffs* as we remembered our furiends Scully and Mulder … together again in a place that abides no pain and suffering. It is this thought only that makes the pain of their loss bearable.

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