And the winner is…..

Well my furriends, that was a very exciting contest. I had 37 entries, which is the most I’ve ever gotten for a contest. I think I won’t do any more food ones. Too limited. Doing a gift certificate and a donation was much better because anyone could win!

Now on to the drawing.

Mom typed up all the names on a piece of paper. I had to get Mom to do some of this since I can't write or use scissors.
Then she cut them all up and put them in a hat for me. She mixed them up real good.
First I tried to grab one in my mouth. That didn't work so well.
So I pulled one out with my paw instead.

And the winner is……

Concatulations my furriend! I’ll be emailing you with details on how to collect your prize.

I want to thank everyone for your very kind comments on my blog. I hope that as I learn what I’m doing, that it will just keep getting better. I have decided to be a little lazy and not go back and fix the old posts that I imported. If someone happens to mention that a link is missing or that pictures are missing from a post, I’ll fix them then. I hope you don’t mind.

Now I have another exciting announcement! (As if announcing a contest winner isn’t exciting enough.) I just got my first guest post by email! It’s from Brewski Butt‘s mom, BZTAT. Tune in on Tuesday for that one!

Thanks for joining me today. Have a good week and a fun Labor Day tomorrow. Happy Sunday!

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  1. COngratulations George the Duck! cool photos! Pumpkinpuddy, so cool you picked the winner yourself with your own paws!!!

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