Evie’s Best Adventure Yet-The Kong Factory!

My furriends, I’m the most jealous I’ve ever been. Evie went on the very best adventure ever and I didn’t get to go. Look where she went!

If you click on the pictures, they’ll biggify!

Do you believe she got to visit the place where Kong toys are made? Their world headquarters is right here in Colorado at the base of Table Mountain. What a  gorgeous setting  their factory has.

I’m gonna turn the blog over to Evie now so she can tell you about the tour.

Thank you Pumpkin. When  I got to the Kong factory, I knew I wasn’t in your typical workplace. See the sign in the parking lot?

Their not kidding, either. This is a dog friendly workplace. I got to meet a few of the dogs during our tour.

I was met by Robert Cohrs. He’s responsible for cat stuff at Kong. He told me a little about the history of the company. I think it’s very interesting that what started out as someone trying to find something for his dog to chew besides rocks and metal turned into an international company! We also talked about the company’s focus and some of the products coming up.

The company just made dog toys for about its first 20 years before they added cat toys. The cat line started with refillable nip toys. They expanded the cat product line with the Naturals line, the Kickaroos, and the Wubbys. And of course Kongs for cats.

New version of cat kong that is due out 1st quarter of 2012. Made of a different rubber so cats don’t chew through it. And it’s one of my favorite colors – purple!

More changes in the cat line are coming. The focus for the coming year is on more treat dispensing toys and edibles. In fact, there are some treats coming out next month. I know Pumpkin will be watching for those to hit the stores!

Along the way, their focus has always been the physical and mental stimulation for pets. This is just as important for cats as it is for dogs. Cats need daily interaction and play with their humans just as much as dogs do. One product Kong makes for cats is nip spray. You can spray this on toys to make them more interesting to your cats.

Kong has more than one location and places that they contract with to make some of the toys. They sell all over the world and have international locations. The factory we were at, which is their world headquarters, makes the kong dog toys. The kongs are made in a big press. There are several of these machines to make the different sizes and types of kongs. The room with the machines was very noisy. It made my little ears hurt.

Kong press.
Rubber being fed into kong press.
Kongs – fresh out of the press!

The kongs are polished in a big round drum and then packaged up to ship.

Polishing drum
Packaging up the kongs for shipment.

I got to see lots of the rest of the office.

[imagebrowser id=1]

I learned lots about the Kong company. They’re committed to making only high quality products for pets. Kongs have a 30 day guarantee. What other pet toy has that? I asked what happens to the toys that aren’t good enough to sell? The ones that can still be used are sold to shelters and rescue groups for a huge discount! The ones that can’t be used and the ones that are returned are shredded up and used in playgrounds. Kong also has a committment to people. Their facility here and the one in Akron hire developmentally disabled people providing employment for people that usually have a very difficult time finding jobs.

While there I also got to meet Mark Hines, who is the dog expert. At the end of the tour, Mr. Cohrs had a surprise for me (which you’ll see in a minute) so he walked me out to the car. Just as we got to the car, Joe Markham, the founder of Kong, stepped into the parking lot, so I got to meet him, too!

This is the surprise that was waiting for me at the end of the tour – a gift basket for Pumpkin!

So that’s my report from my visit to the Kong factory. I’d like to say thank you again to Mr. Cohrs and all the other nice people at Kong for allowing me to tour the factory and for the lovely present they sent for Pumpkin. There was a lot of information, and I’m sure I got some stuff mixed up in my little bear brain or left out something important. Now back to Pumpkin.

Thank you Evie for going in my place. I guess I’m not so jealous after all since there were doggies wandering around and it was noisy. Also, what I was really hoping to see was where George came from, but I guess this isn’t where the duckies are born. That must happen in one of their other locations.

Also, thank you to Mr. Cohrs for the wonderful present! Of course I had to inspect it right away. So did EK & Candy.

[imagebrowser id=2]

I got one of the toys to play with – a Moppy Ball! It’s wonderful fun and purrfect for playing fetch. The rest of the basket Mom put away for our Gotcha Day celebration. It’s coming up in November. I can’t believe Mom’s making us wait for weeks and weeks and weeks for the rest of the toys. *pouts*

I hope you enjoyed Evie’s report from the Kong factory. Sorry this post is kind of long, but there was so much to tell and show you. I hope you’ll all be back on Wednesday for the next guest post. It’s by Gretta Parker from Baskets for Bunnies. Have a great week everybody!

Edit: OMC! How could I forget to put this in here. You can visit the Kong company on Twitter (@KONGcompany) and on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/KONGCompany).


12 thoughts on “Evie’s Best Adventure Yet-The Kong Factory!”

  1. Wow what a post! That is the MOST exciting place (even if it IS noisy MOL!) fancy that – all those doggy toys. Thank you for giving us a peep behind the scenes!

  2. I’d be jealous too if I couldn’t go to the Kong factory. But Evie did a wonderful post about the trip. It reminds me of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood show when he would go to a factory and show the kids how things were made. You’re very lucky that Evie got to bring a home a basket of goodies for you. Your Gotcha Day celebration will be filled with lots of surprises.

  3. Wow! That would have been so cool to see in person, and holy cod, look at that gift basket! That’s the mother lode! Concats!

  4. Omaigosh! Evie did tayk an xciting trip! Yew wuz smart to stay home tho, even tho its kong faktree all dat noyze an doggies wud be skardy. Yew iz going to haz so much funs wiv teh sprizes in that basket when your Gotcha Day comes! (I duzn’t think yew shud haz to wayt eethurr!)

  5. Cool! ThanksEvie! And yes, I was hatched at a Kong place but not that one. I was hatched in one in China! That’s very cool that you got a gift basket too. *high wing*
    ~George (Ignore the Typist’s name on this QOL)

    1. China! I guess that would be too far to go. I’d have to fly there, wouldn’t I? I don’t think I want to go in an airplane. *looks sad* I’m very glad all you duckies flew over here from China or I wouldn’t have Fred either.

  6. Wow how fun! We love Kong toys. Us kitties have a purple fluffy Kong, and 2 smaller, a little tougher fabric Kongs, one pink, one purple. They are great little kickers and good for bitey on too. You are so lucky to visit that place. Thanks for sharing. They sound like a great company. I can’t wait to see what all is in that gift basked!

  7. OMC dat wuz a pawsum tour of KONG! I am so glad to hear dat da kitty KONG gonna be made of rubber now instead of plastic. H2 sed dat az soon az herz saw it…and I quotes “why isn’t this thing made of KONG rubber?”

    It so pawsum u gotted a gifty basket too. We haz a tour lined up too wif a company here on da east coast. I hopes we can do az good a job az u guys.

    1. The rubber kitty kong is just pawsome. We’ve already had it with some treats in it, but EK ate all the treats, the little stinker. But we’ve been playing with it all weekend. It’s fun just as a toy.

  8. OMD, I is so glad you tweeted me about this coz fur one, it do be furry interesting where those Kongs come from. That big pile of rubber is wot those Kongs is made from, wowser! And fur two, I totally missed where you moved so I would not has seen your bloggie! I is back on board now. And pee ess, I would so call PETA and file a complaint about withholding the basket fur your Gotcha Day celebrashun. You should just get even more stuffs on your Gotcha Day, dussn’t you think?

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