My Second Gotcha Day!

Monday is my 2nd Gotcha Day! And since Mom’s working Monday, we celebrated yesterday. Mom took me to Washington Park and then when we got home, we finally got to open the gift basket we got from Kong several weeks ago. I wrote about the park outing over at the Stroller Brigade blog. There’s lots of pictures from the outing.

Here we are exploring the package.

Here’s all the cool stuff that was in the package!

Do you see all that pawsome stuff! I can’t believe how many cool toys were in that basket. There was a huge jar of catnip, too. Mom sprinkled some on one of the toys and on me! It was really good nip too. Much better than the nip we had before. That was from someone’s garden. Here I am playing with a mousie and covered with nip.

Here’s Candy playing with her favorite:

EK was partial to the snake:

Not only did I get to go to the park and open my gift basket, but we all got some ham from mom’s sandwich! I have to say, it’s been a pretty terrific day. Happy Sunday everyone!

14 thoughts on “My Second Gotcha Day!”

  1. Whoa! Happy Gotcha Day! What a great gift. TW STILL hasn’t figured out how to get companies to send me stuff to review. I’ll check your stroller post out now.

    1. Your blog is so popular that I don’t understand why you haven’t been found. Have you done any reviews of stuff you just bought? Maybe they look for blogs that have reviews already and then give them stuff to review. In fact, most of my reviews have been stuff we bought or won. That’s a good way to start. Some stuff is from people we met at Blogpaws. Some, mom just asks! One of the books we’re reviewing, the company found us from searching for cat blogs.

  2. Wow, Pumpkin! That looks like a lot of fun. You sure got some great goodies! I will hide this post so Sanjee won’t be jealous. QOL!
    Happy Gotcha Day to my friend. *ducky hugs*

  3. OMC! I am so happy you were gotted and happy you got spoileded too. MOL Lots of pawsome toys for pawsome kittehs. Lots of happy purrs & love to you on your gotcha day.

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