I wish I could work the flashy box!

No guest blog today, but boy, do I have a funny story for you!

Mom was opening a big can of some kind of powder. It had a foil lid under the plastic. When Mom pulled the foil back, powder shot out everywhere! It was in her face, on her shirt, and all over the counter and the floor. You’d think after living at 5280 ft for 30 years, she’d know better than to open powder without putting a pinhole in the foil first. It’s probably the funniest thing I think I’ve seen her do.

It’s times like this I wish I could work the flashy box. MOL

Have a great rest of the week everyone! See you Sunday.

9 thoughts on “I wish I could work the flashy box!”

  1. OMC! I’m a little bit sorry you let it out about how to make that NOT happen – I was sort of hoping that my human and I would wind up in Denver one day, and I could see her do the same trick!

  2. haha – I can picture it now – white mom covered in dust from head to toe. Bet it was funny to see. I never knew that would happen in Denver. Good to know tho.

  3. I wish I could too…my mom has looked so funny so many times and me..without thumbs and a camera. Oh the sight I could show you.

  4. FaRADaY: oooh yeah, we gotta figger out how to work that flashy thing! And the one that takes those moving pictures too! Then you could slo-mo that poofy cloud coming up all over your Momma!!! MOL!!

  5. oh dear, we haz seen dat happen in our house too. White stuff all ober da place! I gotted some on my nose once hee hee. Have a fun weekend! purrrr

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