A New Page!

No guest blogger this week. But I have news to share!

I created a new page for the blog – Shop Anipals. It’s a page of anipals and anipal supporters that have online shops where they sell original stuff (mostly). There are some that sell manufactured stuff, but they’re pet oriented. We all know pals who have shops but don’t always remember who sells what when we need something. This way they’re all in one place. If you have a shop that you think fits the criteria, please use the contact form to submit your info. Remember, it has to be original stuff or pet related.

Reminder, Saturday is Candy’s and EK’s Gotcha Day. In their honor, I’m doing a commentathon on Sunday’s blog. Mom’s giving me 50 cents for each post. Half the green papers I get will go to the shelter that Candy & EK came from – Duncan’s Place. The other half of the green papers are going to the Santa Paws Drive. I’m going to need a lot of comments if there’s going to be enough green papers to split between them. Please stop by on Sunday and leave a comment, even if it’s just to say hello.

Now to serious stuff. If you have a Google+ account and it’s not in a real name, you’re in danger of losing access to everything connected to that Google account. It happened to d’Artagnan Rumblepurr this week. Good news is he got his account back. Others haven’t been so lucky. It also happened to @BabyPatches and @Keeley_Bobs among others we know. If you really like Google+, they have something new called Pages. It’s similar to the fan pages in Facebook. It’s a page that’s connected to a main account that’s registered in a real name. I have one now! Pumpkinpuddy Katz It was designed for businesses, but it’s also a safer way for anipals to be on Google+ and not lose their blogs, gmail, etc. In fact, thanks to these new Pages, @BabyPatches is back on Google+. It’s not a perfect solution, and I still think it stinks that Google doesn’t want to let people be who they want to be online, but it does let us anipals be on Google+.

That’s it for today. See you Sunday everyone!


7 thoughts on “A New Page!”

  1. How exciting! Your mom seems to have a lot of great ideas. Momma gotta try and remember to come back on Sunday. Mom is gonna look into the page thing on G+ . Thanks for the info.


  2. Thanks for the advice about Google+ – my human has her own account there (I let her have it), so I will assign her the task of setting up a page for me!

  3. TW is still boycotting Google+ and rightly so. If I can’t have an account, neither can she. What a great idea to put everyone’s shop in the same place. In a near future, the world will be able to buy StunningKeisha swag. It’s getting closer everyday. Pop does have his own stunningkeisha i-pod case. Oh, gimme a tweet-out Sunday or I’ll forget with the excitement of the AAAC.

  4. Brilliant Idea Puddy. As Sadie says it’s sometimes hard to remember who does what! This also means I will be able to ask pals to send gifts to other pals within the US.

    1. I wish I could take credit for this idea, but a listing of all the anipal shops was something someone else did last year. My idea was making it a page instead of a post so it would always be around.

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