Candy & EK’s First Gotcha Day!

Mom went to Duncan’s Place a year ago to find me a playmate and came home with two! This is how we usually find EK and Candy – all cuddled up together, and why Mom brought both home. It’s been an interesting year. In their honor, I’m having a commentathon. More about that later.

EK and I got along right away. I didn’t like Candy at first. In fact, we’re first starting to get along now! Mom even saw me groom Candy last week. Now we all play together all the time.

Pumpkin and Candy on the Fridge

I never used to climb on anything. I didn’t get on counters, much less anywhere higher. But Candy & EK climb on everything! Candy was the first one to go on top of the fridge and the cabinets. Now I go up there too!

EK’s a stinker boy but we like him anyway. Here he is making trouble as usual.

EK in the recycling bin.
EK splashing water all over the kitchen. Mom had to put a washing machine pan under the fountain cuz he makes such a mess!

You’ve all heard about our trials and tribulations with how fussy Candy can be. We have to be careful what she eats or she gets the runs. We’ve changed litters a few times cuz she decided she didn’t like the litter anymore and peed on the rugs. Sigh. Between EK making trouble and Candy being such a fussy thing, sometimes I wonder why Mom kept them. But she did, and now I’m glad she did. I pretend not to like them, but really I do!

Since we had our big pawty for my gotcha day, and it’s Anipal Academy Awards this weekend, we’re having kind of a low key celebration. We did get a nip pawty last night. Here’s Candy playing in the nip.

Now the important stuff. The commentathon. Mom’s giving me 50 cents for each comment I get by Friday, 11/18. Half the green papers are going to Duncan’s Place. After all, that’s where the squirts came from and we support them whenever we can. The other half of the green papers are going to the Santa Paws Drive. We know how much fun toys are and we think shelter pets should have them too. It helps them be less bored while they wait for furever homes and helps them socialize. I hope we get lots of comments! My goal is to have at least $50 – $25 for each place. That’s an awful lot of comments to get there. Don’t let me down pals.

I might have a guest blogger this week, but I’m not sure. If I don’t, I’ll be back myself cuz I got some funny pics I never got around to post. And I’ll update you on the commentathon.

Have a good week everyone!

119 thoughts on “Candy & EK’s First Gotcha Day!”

  1. Happy Gotcha Day EK and Candy! Iz so happy you all haz eech other just like me an Bootsie an Ramses. Siblings iz da mowst funs fur chasing an playing. I hopes you haz a grate day, enjoy yer nip an say thanks you to your mom an Pumpkin fur rayzing monies to halp other anipals.

  2. YAYmeow! Happy gotcha day to ek. There is what we need a washer pan for a fountain. You rock always working hard to earn donations *pawhuggs* TPC

  3. OMC u guys look like ur all gettin along just fine now and it only tooked one gotcha day fur it to happen too!

    I mite neber eber really like dem foster monsters much but I hab been toleratin dem more.

    Good luck on ur commenty-fing. I gonna tells everybuddy bout it!

  4. To make it easier to count comments at the end, I’m not gonna comment myself anymore after this one. I thank each and every one of you that has left (and will leave) a comment to help me reach my goal. Love to you all!

  5. Hey, gotcha days are great! I bet Candy and EK are very happy they were the ones to get picked to come live with you and your mom. Wish them many happy returns from me. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs

  6. Happy Gotcha Day with BearHUGs EK & Candy! A commentathon for charity is so nice. And of course a big BearHUG for you Pumpkin!
    Love always,

  7. Happy Gotcha Day & I hope you get lots & lots of money for Duncan’s Place & Santa Paws Drive to gift the gifts to those spending the holidays in shelters that is so wonderful.

  8. Good luck! You are so generous, kind, and thoughtful. Let us know the status. Keep safe and warm Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzz ….

  9. Happy Gotcha Day, EK and Candy! We loved the pictures. So cute and some of them very funny–like in the recycling bin! We’re two Bernese Mountain Dogs, so we wouldn’t be able to climb up on top of the Fridge. We love your blog! x Berner Girls

  10. What a sweet story! And thanks to Boris Kitty for leading me to you! Have a great week, sweet kitties!!

  11. We here to contribute to your commentathon goal! Happy Gotcha Day to your funny fursibs! Mazel Tov!! HUGS

  12. Weow! It haz been way to long since we catched up. I fort u waz gettin a rodent… & u got two!!!
    OMC Happy Gotcha Day to Candy & EK… Wot duz EK stand fur? Pumpkin… Candy… EK mus be some kinda meat!
    Good luck wif da commentafonafon.
    Isa xox

  13. Happy Gotcha Day to Candy and EK!!! Great idea for the commentathon, Pumpkin. I hope you get lots and lots of comments and can help out those good organizations!

  14. G’day Pumpky! Gr8 idea this commentathing.

    EK – hubba bubba! U got two chicky babes ya livin wif… a bit like me with Isa & Bettyblue, cept I don’t got no pulse. MOL

    I hope Candy & EK had a gr8 GotchaDay & u did too Pumpky… nip all round I say, MOL.

    Cheers fur neow,
    WeK x

  15. Here we are! We made it! Thanks for waiting on us at nipclub!! Neat to see you in your natural habitat (would show ours, but the ahol cat one is best left to the imagination!) Good luck reaching your goal!! 🙂

  16. FaRADaY: Happy Gotcha Day! Did you get WAND toys? I loooves WAND toys!
    So do all kittehs get to celebrate gotcha days? Even if they have birfdays too? MOMMYYYYYY!!!!!

    Maxwell: cool box, uhh, I mean recycle bin.

  17. I think it’s gorgeous your mum brought home the two of them and that you have been so welcoming. looks like it’s been lots of mischief since they arrived!

  18. Pumpkin – this is such a wonderful idea! I will definitely be sharing this to help you achieve your goal! I hope that your relationship with your new kitty pals gets better and better as the days go on! xo

  19. I remember getting these two little monkies at a TNR in Miliken, CO that was hosted by Northern Colorado Friends of Ferals, (Peanut, now EK), then was so tiny, sweet; I could not let him go back to a so-so farm situation, as well as (Babette, now Candy). I am so glad that Pumpkin’s person wanted to adopt a friend for her furbaby and came to visit, and well the rest is history, a happy, loving family that helps the furries!

  20. A Happy and Blessed Gotcha Day! What a wonderful post & love seeing you beautiful kitties. Many Blessings to you and yours.
    Much love,
    Mariah 🙂

  21. Happy Commentathon and Gotcha Day and may your commentathon be a success. Both Dash and I posted on our blogs about it and I scheduled tweets too :-))

  22. Hello all, this is a wonderful Idea. Hope you receive many comments as I will share this for my FB friends. I have an adorable Pug named Effie and two cats. One is about 16 years old, named Yingy, she is slowing down now but still eats well everyday and won’t give up her spoiled lifestyle! The other is a Rescued 2 year old named Saki at one time she was very frightful of the whole “inside” idea and now has adapted well to her surroundings and adores Effie. In fact if it wasn’t for the fact that she came out to play with Effie during a walk, I never would have found her! She has a clipped ear which in our neighborhood, Pot-Nets in Delaware, it means that she was given her shots, her surgery and then released back into the community. If everyone would just adopt JUST one cat (they are sooo self sufficient) there would not be as many homeless or “put down” kittens. They are so much fun, children love them and they give back much more than they receive.
    Thank you for the opportunity to post.

  23. Happy Gotcha Day to Candy & EK! It’s pawsome that you came home together and now you have Pumpkin to love too! And I’m sure she appreciates learning new things from you – getting on top of the fridge is an amazing feat! *High Paw*
    You’re such a pawsome kitteh Pumpkin – always thinking about others and raising the green papers for charity! You rock my furiend!
    <3 all of you! ((HUGS))

  24. Happy Gotcha Day Candy & EK. MY lil brofur Happy had runs too and decided to use potted plant as litter box. (big sigh)

    Good luck on your commentathon! Purrs

  25. Lots of luck with this commentathon. This is a great thing to do for sure. We loved meeting all your cats. Take care and have a super Sunday.

  26. Happy Gotcha Day to EK and Candy! (I wonder what EK stands for — Extra Koo-koo?) Pumpkin, I’m happy that you’ve accepted them into your house, because I know that’s not always an easy thing to accomplish. You’re all winners now!

  27. For those who’ve been asking what EK stands for, it’s Evel Knievel. He was such a daredevil when he was tiny, it fit. I think his name should have been Tasmanian Devil cuz he’s such a whirlwind of trouble, but Mom wouldn’t let me name him that. *pouts*

  28. I’m a big fan of cats, even though most run from me because I am so big and hyper! Good luck with your commentathon!

  29. Yo here’s a comment for Candy and EK.

    You luckie kitties are rocking the good life. Glad to see you glad to know that you are safe and here’s to some more green papers for chairity

  30. Cod it’s been a year since those squirts got forced on you? MOL j/k sweetie. Give them some love, and count your blessings… fursibs keep us Coons young!


  31. Huge thanks for helping us bring holiday cheer to shelter animals! And extra special Happy Gotcha Day for Candy and EK! Definitely a couple of cuties. 🙂

    P.S. I thought I had commented as Your Daily Cute earlier, but I don’t see it. Maybe I forgot to click post?

  32. Wow, your mom sounds great! Happy Gotcha day, and a high paw for your helping other furs! Hope you get lots of comments!

  33. Yay for commentathon! Happy Gotcha day, your mommy must be so happy to remember that day!!! All such beautiful cats:) I enjoyed reading the blog and watching the video clip. It is also very nice of your mama to donate for comments 🙂
    love-Smokey and Stephie

  34. Happy Gotcha Day, a day late.
    EK and Candy look so contented snuggling togetfur. I’s furry glad your Mom came home wif two kitties!
    The Commentathon is such a grrreat idea, looks like you gotted lots of comments already.
    Love & Purrs,

  35. My best wishes for a successful Commentathon! ^_^ Your support of charaties speaks to your kind+generous spirit. Your choice of NEETO charaties means you’re neeto too! ^_^ LOL Please give my best to all the kitties and their human family. I know domesticating humans can get rough, but cats can handle it. =^..^= LOL! ::Group hug:: Namaste! ^_^
    P.S. Please keep my purrsonal info private (i.e. name+email). Me secret agent! =^..^= Really! =^..^= (LOL)

  36. Happy Gotcha day EK and Candy! Purrrrrrs to Pumpkin.

    I jump on da fridge all da time, it’s fun! Kudos to yur mom fur thinking of a washing macheen lid to catch water spillage. Mine cleans up water 2-3 times a day. MOL

    Great Idea on da commentathon!

  37. I think it’s awesome that your mom is supporting such great causes! I’m glad I stumbled onto your blog on Pet Bloggers United 🙂 I will tweet your link so you will (hopefully) get more comments, too!

    Carmine and Milita

  38. Happy Gotcha Day to Candy and EK! We hope you have a fabulous day! And good luck with the commentathon, it’s a terrific thing to do!

  39. Great blog posting as usual PP. Happy gotcha day to EK and Candy. I used to be an only cat, now I have two siblings. I am still top cat, and although we play and chase, secretly I really love them. MOL

  40. It’s good to read that everyone is getting along there. It gives me hope for my lot. They tolerate each other but aren’t on grooming terms. Maybe some day…

  41. Cats do seem to like the top of fridges. Most mysterious. I’ve looked up there but found nothing. Was hoping for an entrance to Narnia at least!

  42. This is a wonderful idea! Best of success on your Commenthon. My mom sez she will do something like this to raise money for the needy animals, too. If you want to visit our web site and submit a blog on your life with your hoomans, please contact me at All are welcome. Even dogs.

  43. A very happy GOTCHA to Candy and EK! We think your Mom is great for choosing to do a commentathon and we hope she gets lots and lots of comments so those in need can get lots and lots of green papers.


  44. Hi! We stopped on by to wish you a Happy Gotcha Day! Gotcha stories are the best. We hope you make your goals, it sure does look like it. Did you have a fun day with lots of treats & toys? This is our first visit. Its been a pleasure meeting all of you!

  45. I also have 2 rescue kitties. Had them a year and the one is still wild. But I know she likes it here better than some old cold barn! Happy gotcha day!

  46. Happy Gotcha Day you two. You sure have a wonderful furever home and looks like there is plenty of fun thngs to do at your place. That is so nice that you are doing a commetathon and givine $$$ where it can help other not so lucky as us with a furever home.

  47. Ello my pal. Cant believe I missed the commentathon til now. Looks like its goin good. Woof. Well done for…PAY UP MUM!!

  48. Hello to everyone! We really enjoyed reading about Gotcha Day for Candy and EK. We’d never heard of Gotcha Day until RumpyDog had his. We do celebrate the days each of us joined our family, but think of them as birthdays instead. So now we know what they’re really called.

    We loved seeing the pictures. Candy looks a lot like me! You can see photos of all of us in the interview Rumpy did a couple weeks ago. ( And EK reminds us of Daisy. She’s the youngest kitty and is always zooming around the den, pushing desk stuff onto the floor. You, Pumpkin, reminds our girl of a kitty she had long ago who’s name was Lina. She was tiger-y and fluffy, like you.

    Your commentathon is a wonderful idea! We sent our allowances to the Santa Paws Drive last week. Our girl is crocheting mousie toys for the cats at our local shelter. Every animal needs at least one toy for playing, even the doggies. Our pup, Shadow always loved those crinkly plastic water bottles. He had about a million of them in his toy box.

    It was so nice to meet all of you! We wish you, Pumpkin, a Happy Gotcha Day in advance! Love & loud purring from RainbowCatsx8

  49. Cute, never heard of “gotcha day”, very cute! Kudos to your mom for bringing home a bonded pair 🙂

  50. The commentathon is now closed. Thanks everyone who commented. The final total is 110 comments without repeats and without my comments. Woo hoo! That’s $55.00 or 27.50 each for Santa Paws Drive and Duncan’s Place. Thank you!

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