Operation Occupy Your Couch!

My poor furriend Pip over at Pip Gets Back in the Game has had his couch moved to the basement where he can’t get at it. So far, no new couch has appeared for him to sleep on! So bunches of us around the blogosphere are showing our support by occupying our couches. We will not return the couches to the humans until Pip gets his couch! We anipals have to stick together you know.

So here we are taking up the whole couch. I’m on one end and EK & Candy are at the other end.






Just to make it harder for Mom to have anywhere to sit, sometime EK & Candy occupy mom’s computer chair.

They should split up, one on the couch and one on the chair, to make it harder for Mom but if you’ve noticed from other pics I’ve posted they’re almost always glued together like that. There were like that in the foster home, too.

Plans are all finalized for next weekend at the lake. So far over 30 pals have RSVP’d! It’s gonna be so much fun.  I’ll be so busy there that, unless I can get Mom to get her lazy butt in gear and help me write a post midweek to schedule for next Sunday, I won’t be posting next week.

Happy Sunday everyone and have a great week!

5 thoughts on “Operation Occupy Your Couch!”

  1. Oh thank you SO MUCH for joining me in my fight for couch justice! You kitties are very cute occupiers – my mom squealed when she saw these pictures, especially that last one. SO ADORABLE!!

    Thanks for joining the fun!

    Your couchless pal, Pip

  2. Good for you Pumpkin, Candy and EK – stick with the couch. I have my favorite chair that I occupy in the family room and no one had better ever move it. That picture of EK and Candy together on the chair is so very precious.

  3. Oh no, I was afraid I was going to leave someone off by accident …sorry! I can’t find your original email. Do you remember what day I said your pictures would post? Otherwise, just re-send them to me and I will post with the follow up post.

    I am so sorry! We received more than 100 pictures and I was so afraid of leaving someone out! Again, sorry.

    Your pal, Pip

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