Book Review – Pampered Pets on a Budget

I was recently contacted by Fetching Communications and asked if I would be interested in receiving a copy of Pampered Pets on a Budget: Caring for Your Pet Without Losing Your Tail (Pampered Pets) to read and review. We’re always looking for ways to save in our house so I said I’d love to!

Pampered Pets is by Jeffrey L. Barnes and Kristen M. Levine. It’s a very short book, but jam packed with all kinds of info. They talk about the least expensive way to adopt a pet, the importance of choosing the right vet for your pet, nutrition, bonding with your pet, appropriate toys, grooming and boarding facilities, the pros and cons of pet insurance, and a few other topics.

I found the book to be quite informative on some topics and a good starting point to help find other information on others. It comes in both paperback and ebook form and is available from and from For more information about the book, you can go to

I can speak first hand about one of their pieces of advice – adopting shelter pets. As you all know, I was rescued from a trailer park by a friend of Mom’s. EK and Candy were adopted from Duncan’s Place, a Cat Sanctuary. Guess which was cheaper! Mom paid less to adopt both Candy and EK together than she spent getting me my first checkup and round shots, making sure I didn’t have worms or anything else, having me spayed, and having me chipped. Candy and EK came from the shelter with all of that done already! Compared to making sure a free kitty was ok and getting all the necessaries done, buying two kitties from a shelter for less was quite a bargain.

I give this book a definite paws up!

Make sure you come back next week for a guest post by my bear, Evie. She spent a weekend at a haunted hotel. You don’t want to miss this! Have a great week everyone!

8 thoughts on “Book Review – Pampered Pets on a Budget”

  1. Good review Pumpkin. I’ll recommend that book to local people that I meet that are thinking about getting a pet. Sounds like the thing for a person-time-pet owner to have.

  2. mom say dat shelters do be a bargain. eben tho da cost keep going up and may seem like a lot, it usually includes vet check, most if not all shots, and spay/neuter. For dogs may eben include license. Mom not getted me from shelter, but from rescue group dat got me from annuvver shelter, but she say shelters is usually bery cost-effective way to adopt a pet and she say dey often eben hab purebreds if you prefer dat.

  3. Thanks you fur that grate revyew Pumpkin, it sownds like a ewesful book. Herz sayz her knows all abowt how expansive kittehs can be, but Iz rilly nawt sure wat her iz going on abowt.

  4. Great review – that is something a lot of humans don’t take into consideration about shelter pets, all the expenses that are already paid for!

  5. You is so rite, peeples nefur unnerstand that wot the rescue group and shelters charge to adopt nefur covers wot it cost to fix the animals all up and the fee be so much less than wot it costs your peeps at the V-E-T. That be a furry good point.

  6. Furry interesting! We didz not KNOW that about you Pumpkin! (see, there IS stuff we don’t know about you! MOL!) But it totally makes sense – shelter pets may “cost” but in the long run they cost LESS!

    1. Good v-e-t-s are not cheap but are worth every penny! Mom insists on only the best for us, and our v-e-t is the best. So it wasn’t cheap to make sure I was ok and had everything I needed to get the right start as a rescued kitty. Shelter pets are an absolute bargain compared to paying for all that on your own if you get your pet elsewhere. Of course, Mom would still rescue a stray under the right circumstances. But if she was looking to adopt she’d go straight back to the shelter.

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