Mom’s Name Should be Lucy

I had a whole different blog planned for this week, but it was furry serious. I think with all the sads going on lately we need something to laugh at. And Mom provided the perfect fodder for my post Friday night.

I love my mom. You all know that. And Mom’s usually pretty smart and sensible. Well, not this time. Mom bought a new bottle of detergent for the dishwasher. Or she thought she did. Next time she better slow down and read the label better, because it was regular dish soap for washing dishes in the sink. I think you all know what came next.

Mom started the dishwasher and sat down to watch tv. After a while she notices that we kitties are all on alert, watching something in the kitchen. She gets up to see what we’re all in a tizzy about, and sees the bubble monster that’s crawling across the kitchen floor! OMC you should have seen her face. If we weren’t on alert so that the bubble monster wouldn’t get us, we’d have been laughing at her she looked so funny.

Mom turned off the dishwasher and got out the mop and went to do battle with the bubble monster. For a while it looked like the bubble monster was gonna win, but she finally got him under control. Down the drain he went! Then Mom got out a pot lid and scooped more monsters out of the dishwasher. And she scooped and scooped and scooped. Finally, she started the machine up again. There were still some drips, but no more bubble monsters. Too bad there are no pictures.

I bet some of you are wondering why this post it titled ‘Mom’s Name Should be Lucy’. See if you can find some old ‘I Love Lucy’ episodes on the interwebs and you’ll understand. Just don’t call me Ethel.

*hugs* everyone!

10 thoughts on “Mom’s Name Should be Lucy”

  1. Teehee!
    I seen one ob those old episodes once.
    Dat bubble monster sounds too funny! Did you poke at it at all?

    wheneber my hoomins take bubble baths, I wage wars wif da bubbles! [But mom always rinses my paws after so I dont eat da soap] 🙂

  2. HAH! When we got a dishwasher, TW’s friend warned her about using regular detergent because she had the same bubble monster. Yep, that’s something that would happen to Lucy.

  3. OOH my GOODNESS – OOOOOOOH!! heavens!!!! I am laughing so much, it IS like something in films or TV isn’t it!!!!

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