Remembering the Way We Were

Pals have been posting their baby pictures today, so I thought I’d join the fun. Here are some pics of me and of EK & Candy when we were kittens.

Aren’t we adorable? You may squee now.

15 thoughts on “Remembering the Way We Were”

  1. As I is scrolling down looking at the bootiful baby kitteh pikshures, I seened a little spot on EK’s head and sayed to myself, “OMD, EK has a FLEA on hims head!” Then I scrolled down more and the flea woz not on EK’s head any more. It woz a spot on my monitor, BOL. Need to get mom to clean the drool off this thing.

  2. They are all wonderful photos…. Beautiful…

    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving purrrs for Knuckles the other day. We appreciate it so much.

    pawhugs, Max and HH

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