What a First Time Cat Owner Needs to Know

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What a First Time Cat Owner Needs to Know

Guest Post: This post was written by Ella Davidson of coupons and deals website, Coupons.org. Coupons provides authoritative consumer-savings information and has been featured on CNBC.

Owning a cat can seem like a daunting task, especially if you have never had one before. Looking in the pet store for inspiration can be counterproductive, as the sheer range of items can make the process seem like a nightmare. However, you shouldn’t let this discourage you from getting a cat. Cats are incredibly fun to be around, and they each have distinctive personalities. Cats like different things and this is strongly dependent on their personality as well as previous experiences the cat has endured. Some of the most important aspects of taking care of your first cat is to make sure that he or she has enough to eat and drink and that he or she feels loved.

Cat personalities can generally be broken down into three categories:

  1. High-strung cats
  2. Mellow cats
  3. Timid and/or shy cats

There are, of course, many variations of these and cats that seem to fall into their own domains. High-strung cats, the first of the three, spend a lot of time moving around, and often hate to be held. Many cats initially like this settle down over time as they become more used to the environment. Mellow cats, the second kind,are the easiest type of cat to deal with. They tend to be laid back and don’t exhibit strong preferences about most things. This makes entertaining and taking care of them easy, as they tend to enjoy anything they are given. Timid and shy cats, the last kind, tend to be cautious and avoid anything new or that scares them. Just like human personalities, these preferences and approaches may change a little over time, but the core personality of your cat is likely to remain the same throughout his or her life.

Cats love to be played with, and there are many different ways that you can keep your cat entertained. Playing games is a common way of achieving this. One very easy type of game is to tie an object onto a string and swing it by your cat. Most love to chase objects, and you can entertain him or her (and yourself) for quite some time by pulling the item away as he or she reaches for it. Bubbles are another idea; you can make your own bubble mix or buy a pre-made bottle from many stores. Cats will try to catch the bubbles, often darting around the room in the process. These types of games also help to keep your cat active and limber.

In taking care of your cat, it is important to ensure that you are feeding them enough food and water. Set aside a particular place for your cats feeding area and place a bowl for water and one for food. Make sure that there is always water in the bowl. The water should be replaced several times a day to ensure that it is clean. There are two types of food that you can get for your cat, wet and dry food. Most cat owners recommend alternating the food types and feeding your pet twice a day, once with wet food, once with dry food. What cats will eat is extremely dependant on personality type. Some cats are happy with literally any type of food, while others will only eat specific brands or flavors – just like humans! Experiment with what your cat will and won’t eat to establish their preferences.

Take time out of your day to pet your cat. Petting is a form of affection, and can be as simple as rubbing your cats back while he is resting. There are many benefits to petting your cat, it helps to calm both them and you down, and it is a de-stressing mechanism that has been shown to decrease blood pressure in cats. The place that cats most enjoy to be petted is between the eyes, the ears, and the side of the head, although this differs depending on the personality of your cat.

Caring for your cat involves paying attention to them. The type of activities that cats enjoy does vary depending on the personality of the cat, but this is easily learned through trial-and-error and as you come to know your cat more. Making sure your cat is fed well, entertained, and feels affection are probably the most important factors for a new cat owner. You will find that owning a cat is an extremely rewarding experience.


Thank you Ella for the excellent information. I hope if any of you out there are thinking about adopting a kitty, this will be helpful. Mom wishes she’d known this before adopting her first. She learned everything the hard way. MOL

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