Spring is here!

Spring is here! Warm days, cool nights, everything turning green, and bird tv is much improved! We have robins singing in the yard, and even saw a sharp-shinned hawk for the first time, right in our own tree!

The lilac bush is getting leaves, and so are some of the trees. It’s so beautiful out, I can’t wait for my first outing of the season! Mom promised me one this week.

The other thing we’re doing this week is experimenting with different car carriers for me. If mom can find a way of keeping me from crying on car rides, I get to go to BlogPaws! We’ve already tried one carrier, and Mom picked up a second one today to see if it works better. I wrote all about it here: Riding in the Car Part 1. Part 2 will be a review of the carriers we try.

That’s it for today! Have a great first week of spring everyone! *hugs*

5 thoughts on “Spring is here!”

  1. This was a great day here too. The leaves are just starting to pop out – M think by next weekend a few trees might actually have a few leaves. I’ll be happy when the windows can be open because bird TV is so much better with open windows.

  2. Happy Spring Pumpkin! Mr Boots iz ankshush to gets back to strollering too. Herz says its been too cold but soon herz will say its too hawt! MOL That wud be pawsome if you cud go to blogpaws wiv yer mom! Iz going to read abowt yer car carrier.

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