Love Letter to @PetieTheCat

photo courtesy of @georgetheduck

Dearest Petie,

My eyes are leaking something terrible as I write this. Today you joined the angels in heaven, leaving a huge void that no one else will ever be able to fill. It’s a testament to you that hundreds of pals have joined together today on twitter to honor you. Your love, kindness, and generosity made the world a better place. You touched everyone who had the good fortune to know you.

photo courtesy of Louise Hobson
photo courtesy of @freshotis

I’ve only known you a couple of years, but they’ve been spectacular. It’s amazing the fun we had spending summers at the lake with you. I’m so glad I did a book of our first Summer at the Lake with Petie. I can look at it everyday and remember you and how much fun we had!

Thank you again for hosting the winter carnival too. I had so much fun arranging everything. You and your mom and dad were such wonderful hosts!I’ll always remember being a bridesmaid at your wedding. I was just over a year old, still practically a kitten! It was my first time being a bridesmaid and I was so excited and honored.

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You were so cool in your #BBOT motorcycle jacket. You made all the girl kitties swoon, including me! Don’t be jealous Pandy. We all knew who had Petie’s heart! It was an honor to ride today with #PinkAngels and #BBOT today for #RideForPetie.

photo courtesy of @freshotis
photo courtesy of @freshotis

Petie my furriend, you embodied what was best about being an anipal on Twitter. I’m glad I got to know you. I know your mom and dad are heartbroken right now. But the selfish part of me hopes that when things settle down some that you’ll be able to tweet OTRB. It’s hard to think about Twitter without your gentle, loving voice. Miss you already.

Pumpkin and Mom

photo courtesy of @SkeeteerTheTabby


18 thoughts on “Love Letter to @PetieTheCat”

  1. That was such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful friend. I was so very sad to see that news this morning. He touched so many lives and we are all better for having him as a friend. He will live in our hearts forever.

  2. When I gently told April and Sunny kitties that Petie had passed over the Rainbow Bridge, their eyes leaked terribly. Petie meant so much to them, even though they had only known him a short while. I can hear them gently whispering now, mewing prayers for Petie’s great spirit and for his family. Hugs to Petie’s mamma.

  3. Couldn’t stop crying as I read your love letter to Petie – I feel exactly the same way about our dear furiend. @PetietheCat will always live in my heart – I have so many wonderful memories of those #LakewithPetie weekends, his wedding to @Pandafur and just saying good morning to him everyday. I have been blessed by his furiendship & I thank him for being such a good furiend to all of us. I will wave at the brightest star every night & know it’s our Petie twinkling his love back down on me.
    Love you forever Petie! Sending love & #ComfortingPurrs to your Mama & Daddy – every kitteh should be as beloved as you are. I’ll always be here if your Mama needs a ((HUG)), she can count on that!
    Thank you Pumpkin – love you too my furiend! ((HUGS))

  4. Thank you for this touching tribute to our loving pal, Petie. He left a huge mark on our hearts and memories. RAY, CHASE & TIPPER — @DaneRay

  5. That iz bewtiful Pumpkin an I cud never be jelluss. Petie iz always so generuss an frendly wiv efferyone an that iz why hez so luvabulz. Thanks you dear furrend.

  6. Thanks for saying so well what all of us are feeling. Love to you and everyone. May Petie live on forever in all of our hearts and OTRB.

  7. This is a beautiful tribute to our good pal Petie. You really summed it up well. We will greatly miss him, but he’ll live forever in our hearts.

  8. Der is so many things I wanna say, I dunno where to start. Petie has bin my furiend since I started on Twitter. I gots to be close wif him when he letted us come stay wif him and his fambly at da lake. We had so much fun toogeva der and when we all gots back home Petie stayed close wif me. I knowed Petie was not having good health when I first met him a couple years ago but he stayed strong and fought to stay wif us and his mama and daddy. I thinks he knowed dat we would be lost wifout him. I is twying to be as bwave as Petie was but it hard. I don’t thinks I can eva be as bwave as him but I gonna twy. I gonna twy to be strong and bwave and not be too sad. It hard tho. Petie, I knows dat now yoo is in heaven and an angel looking down on us. Yoo gonna be in my heart fureva. I pwomise to watch ova yoo mama and daddy and yoo wife Pandafur. Da love yoo and Pandy has gived me inspawration to propose to my wife Tallulah Belle. Anyway, mommy says its time now fur me to go fur walkie so I gots to go so I’ll just not say goodbye, just dat I bark at yoo laters ok?

  9. Pumpkin, the book you created for At The Lake With Petie is one of my favorite books to look at when I want to spend time with Petie and our wonderful twitter family. It is an awesome way to show others what an Anipal is all about 🙂

    Petie is an angel OTRB just like he was here on earth with us and I know that I’m a better person having known Petie and his family…thank you for sharing Petie with us! His kindness made a difference in the world.

  10. “Some friends come into our lives and quickly go.
    Some friends move our souls to dance. They awaken us to
    new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.
    Some friends make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.
    They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints
    on our hearts, and we are never ever the same.”

    – Flavia Weedn –

    We will never, ever be the same…but we are all better to have loved you Petie~

    I know you will always be with us all. Praying the deep hurt and sadness of mama’s and daddy’s broken heart swells into smiles of remembrances and wonderful memories.


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