Barnabas’s First Stroller Outing

See who’s in my stroller with me? It’s my baboon, Barnabas! He’s never been on a stroller ride before, so we were furry excited for his first outing in my stroller.

We went to the lake that’s close to the house to see if the ducks were there. On the way we saw all kinds of other birds. And the trees were all turning green and lots of them had blooms. I love spring! We saw robins, coots, blackbirds, a killdeer, and a mourning dove.

There was just a little breeze so it wasn’t too hot and the air smelled wonderful! We had the best time. Here are some of the pictures we took.

Barnabas here. I had the most exciting time on our walk. We don’t have a lot of these birds in the UK. I found the killdeer expecially interesting. Another big difference is the air here. We’re a mile above sea level here so the air is thinner. And it’s very dry here. My fur doesn’t friz up! So far I’m really loving Colorado. I’m looking forward to lots more outings and discovering new places!

Pumpkin back. We did have the furry best time! Spring is just getting started, so we have plenty of outings ahead of us.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

14 thoughts on “Barnabas’s First Stroller Outing”

  1. meow! those are sum nice pics, you iz looking espeshly gorjush Pumpkin. Hazing Barnabas fur your noo brofur looks like so much fun. Lulu an I send purrs and waves *purrrr*

    1. Thank you Pandy. I knew Mom was gonna take pictures of us and not just the scenery so I made sure my furs were purrfect for the pictures.

  2. WOW – what a wonderful first outing. Barnabas sure is lucky to come live with you – a stroller to take walks in. Woohoo. Oh – very pretty, yummy birdies!

    1. Shawnee, you always make me laugh. Mom remembers what it was like on the east coast. She never really felt dry all summer and her hair was one big frizz ball no matter what she did.

    1. That’s the downside of the stroller. Not only does it protect me from things that could eat me, it protects the birdies from me. I didn’t get to taste a single birdie! I just get to look at them and wonder how yummy they’d be. The robins were especially plump and nommy looking.

  3. Wow, what an exciting day out. Thank you for giving Barnabas so much fun. You know he might be the first baboon ever to go in a stroller! Oh wow your fur doesn’t frizz maybe we will be your new neighbours, baboon fur has a tendency to frizz in the damp!

    1. Barnabas here. Thank you cousin for sending me to live with Pumpkin and her fursibs. It took a bit to get used to the thin air, but living in the dry makes my fur much easier to care for. I just have to remember to drink enough water. We had an excellent time and I’m looking forward to more adventures. I think I heard something about a long car trip with Pumpkin and her mom.

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