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In 23 years of owning cats, Mom’s tried many different things for cleaning our litter boxes.They’ve ranged from useless to pretty good, but none were outstanding. So when the makers of Simple Solution products contacted me and asked me if I’d try and review their product, I figured why not? And boy am I glad I did!

This isn’t the first litter box cleaning product I’ve reviewed and the others were pretty good. In fact, good enough to keep using until this came along.

The Litter Box Deodorizer is good for lots of things like cleaning the litter box and refreshing it between cleanings. The Cat Odor Destroyer if more of an air freshener. You can use it on fabrics, too. In fact, if your cat’s a little stinky, you can even safely spray it directly on the cat! Mom hasn’t tried spraying any of us yet I’m glad to say. She says she likes the way we smell. But she commented that she wished she’d had the Cat Odor Destroyer for one of the cats that came before us. Apparently, she wasn’t quite so sweet smelling.

 We seem to use the Litter Box Deodorizer much more than the Cat Odor Destroyer. Mom uses the Litter Box Deodorizer every time she cleans the litter box both as she’s cleaning it and then sprays the box again before she puts the fresh litter in. She’s not big on spraying air fresheners, so that’s one reason the Odor Destroyer hasn’t seen much use. Although she likes these better than others she’s used because they aren’t aerosols and they smell fresh instead of fake flowery or something.

The other reason she doesn’t use the Odor Destroyer much is because she just hasn’t needed to! The Cat Odor Destroyer does such a good job of keeping our boxes smelling fresh that she doesn’t feel the need to use anything else. We had company last weekend and they made a point of saying how surprised they were they couldn’t smell the downstairs litter box. That litter box is in a bathroom that was right next to the room they were all in.

Simple Solution makes quite an extensive line of products (although these are the only two we’ve tried so far). I looked them up in my favorite place to shop ( and also on They both carry an impressive selection of Simple Solution products at reasonable prices. I wouldn’t be surprised if your favorite place to buy pet supplies carried Simple Solution, too.

In this house, Simple Solution gets 4 paws up (or in Mom’s case, 2 hands up) from every one of us!

Simple Solution provided their product free of charge for our review. We received no compensation for writing this review and the opinion expressed here is Mom’s and mine and no one else’s. If you know me, you know no one can tell me what to say! MOL

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  1. Great review. I wouldn’t spray it on a cat cos then you’d change the cat’s smell so the others might not recognize her/him. I don’t smell so TW doesn’t need to use any of that. Maybe we can use it on Pop’s terlot instead. MOL

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