For my dear furriend JinJin Rubinoff

There’s a new star in the heavens, and a lot of sad hearts here on earth. Our dear furriend, JinJin Rubinoff has run off to the rainbow bridge. JinJin was furry special and had a great big heart! She was a wonderful furriend to many anipals and made the twitterverse a much better place to hang out.

There’s something special I like to do for anipals that come from Jewish families – say Kaddish. For those who don’t know what that is, it’s a prayer that’s said for many different reasons and each reason has it’s own variation. The variation I’ll say for JinJin is called the Mourner’s Kaddish, and is said by people (and anipals) mourning the loss of a loved one. The prayer isn’t about death, but about life. It praises the lord and the good things that come from him. There’s an excellent article over on Wikipedia that has the different versions of the prayer including a translation. Head on over and take a look when you get a chance.

It may seem funny to say a prayer of praise when you lose someone, but Jews believe that sadness always comes with happiness, and happiness always comes with sadness. We praise the lord when we lose someone, and commemorate the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem at celebrations. Life is always about duality, life and death, happiness and sadness, darkness and light. You can’t have one without the other.

I’ll be leading Kaddish for JinJin at #nipclub tomorrow (5/17) at 9PM ET. I hope you can join us. Zichronah l’shalom (remember her in peace).


Yitgaddal veyitqaddash shmeh rabba,

Beʻalma di vra khir’uteh veyamlikh malkhuteh, beḥayekhon uvyomekhon

uvḥaye dekhol bet yisrael, beʻagala uvizman qariv vʼimru amen.

Yyehe shmeh rabba mevarakh leʻalam ulʻalme ʻalmaya.

Yitbarakh veyishtabbaḥ veyitpaar veyitromam veyitnasse

veyithaddar veyitʻalleh veyithallal shmeh dequdsha, brikh hu.

leʻella min kol birkhata veshirata tushbeḥata veneḥemata

daamiran beʻalma veʼimru amen.

Yehe shlama rabba min shmayya,vehayyim aleinu v’al kol yisrael; v’imru amen.

ʻoseh shalom bimromav, hu yaʻase shalom ʻalenu, v’al kol yisra’el, v’imru amen.

11 thoughts on “For my dear furriend JinJin Rubinoff”

  1. Thank you for the Kaddish, Pumpkin. It is such a beautiful reminder to be thankful for those that we love. The Girl and I will try to join you in prayer.

  2. What a beautiful tribute dear Pumpkin . Thank you so much dear friend. You are right because having read this I do feel the happiness of Jinny and the sadness at her loss all at once.

    MUCH LOVE & Many Thanks.
    Jodie, Pixel, Daddy Arnold & #JinnyAngel

  3. Thank you for this, you are so thoughtful. I hope many pals will join us tomorrow to sit for JinJin. JinJin will be greatly missed by so many pals.

  4. I think its a wonderful idea to do Kaddish for JinJinDoggy we should all celebrate somebody’s life in our own way and to share that. Wish I could be at #nipclub to join with you but unfortunately its not possible. As a Buddhist baboon I will do a loving kindness meditation for JinJin. She is a lovely anipal and a very pretty doggy. As a Buddhist I believe she will go on and continue making people happy.

  5. Thank you for leading us in Kaddish tonight at #Nipclub – I remember this beautiful ceremony from when @Muldar_Cat crossed and will be honored to be there tonight for my dear furiend JInny,

    Jinny is a very bright star in the heavens now-a furiend as sweet as she will be sadly missed & loved forever. I am blessed to call her my furiend and I thank her Mama for sharing Jinny with us. We’re all better anipals because we knew Jiinny. LOVE YOU FOREVER JINNY! ((HUGS))

  6. How bewtiful Pumpkin. Iz wud like to put a link to your luvly Kadish on mai bloggy if thats okai with you. JinJin wuz a happy, shining pawson, efurryone luvs her an will miss her. Thanks you fur sharing this bewtiful seramony.

  7. Oh how I hated to hear about sweet JinJin. She was a kind and thoughtful sole and I shall remember her forever. Purrs and hugs to her family and that loving Pierre.

  8. Pumpkin – this is a great tribute to JinJin. The Kaddish prayer is beautiful and I can’t wait to hear it tonight. I told M she has to stay awake that long.

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