My Review of Plague Rat Cat Toy

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A treat for your cat! Our Plague Rats are handmade by Sally Pointer from natural linen, wool and leather. Stuffed with her tried and tested blend of top quality catnip herb and coarsely chopped valerian root, your cat will be delighted to protect you and your loved ones from this fearsome beastie. …


Not interesting

By @Pumpkinpuddy from Denver, CO on 6/11/2012
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Cons: Cat Doesn’t Like It

Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner

We kept hearing about plague ratsies from all our furriends on twitter and they all thought they were sooooo much fun. We finally convinced mom to get a couple for us. We were so excited when they arrived and couldn’t wait for mom to get them out of the box. Well, she oepend one of them and put it on the floor for us. We sort of sniffed at it and that was it. After all that waiting, we just didn’t get interested in it. We’ll have to see later if we change out minds, cuz sometimes we do, but so far, it just sits there ignored. Mom never bothered to open the second one. We might use it for a giveaway on the blog at some point.


3 thoughts on “My Review of Plague Rat Cat Toy”

  1. ha ha – sounds like me. I didn’t like it either, so we passed it on my ooman sisffur’s house. Her one cat loves it and the other one could care less. Thanks for the honest review Pumpkin.

  2. You’ll come back to them. That’s what I did. It took a l-o-n-g time but I learned to love mine. TW lets me have them maybe one week a month and I go crazy. We recently had a little problem with moths but they were only in my toy box for some odd reason. They ate all the feathers off my toys and the furs off my smousies. TW threw everything out so if’n you don’t need that other plague rat, please think of me cos they ate the tail off my plague ratsy.

    1. I can’t believe TW pitched all your toys! I may be able to help you out, but not until after Blogpaws. I’ll DM you about specifics.

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