BlogPaws 2012 Part I

Well my pals, I’m back from BlogPaws 2012. We drove 8 1/2 hours each way! I know some people drove further, but I used to hate riding in the car. I rode in my pink crate, and didn’t fuss once. Here I am in the car, ready to go! And look – Mom even remembered to put a litter box in the car for me. We only took one picture on the road. There was a statue of Abraham Lincoln in Wyoming at the rest stop. A statue of Lincoln in Wyoming? Why would there be a statue of Lincoln in Wyoming? Well, apparently I-80 has another name – the Lincoln Highway! So here’s the statue of Lincoln.  We arrived Wednesday afternoon. When we got to the hotel our room wasn’t ready, so we had to hang out in the lobby for a couple of hours. While we waited we got to talk to lots of people, some new and some we’d met before. One of them was Jennifer. I met her at Blogpaws in Denver.And I bet you know who these people are!We finally got a room so I got to relax for a while.Mom left me at the hotel to chill and went to have dinner with @indykitty’s mom, Jennifer. She got a really good picture of @indykitty. Isn’t he cute? Don’t worry Henry, I’m still your girl.We had a really long day, so after dinner we just rested. Here I am cuddling with mom.BlogPaws was amazing and I have so much to tell you about, I’ll probably be blogging about it for a while. I also got to see a little bit of Salt Lake City, but I’ll save that for after I’m done telling about BlogPaws itself. I also have tons and tons of pictures, so maybe I’ll do a post that’s just images.

So that’s it for this installment. Have a great rest of the week everyone!

8 thoughts on “BlogPaws 2012 Part I”

  1. My human was so excited to meet you and your human, Pumpkin! I hope she did not bother you with too many photos – she can be a terrible paparazzi! She thought you were very cute.

  2. Pepper, Teri, Coco, and Sparkle, we just loved meeting you guys and your humans, too. We talk to each other and read each other’s blogs almost every day, but meeting face-to-face makes you feel like you know each other better.

    Sparkle, tell your human thank you. The camera didn’t bother me at all. It’s funny, I don’t let mom get good pictures of me, but I’ll pose for anyone else. MOL!

  3. Mom and plush Cokes had a fabulous time with all you guys, or so they tell me. =^..^= Apparently, she’s leaving me to do this whole thing again in a year at Tyson’s Coner, VA, near Washington DC. I’m betting she ends up farmsitting in the Berkshires again, too. With that labradoodle. : /

    Love you!

    1. We won’t be going next year. It’s too far to drive and Mom won’t fly unless she can’t get out of it. Her nephew’s Bar Mitzvah is a couple weeks before the next BlogPaws and she’ll have to fly to that.

  4. I look forward to reading all your posts abowt blogpaws. Mama cuddn’t take me, but it’s sure fun to see all da pikshurs and read all da stories! It sownds like so much fun! Fanks fur da report!

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