Earning my keep

Dear furriends. This little kitty wants premium cat food, the best nip, and new toys from time to time. Well, these things just don’t fit in Mom’s budget. Mom does the best she can, but her green papers are limited. So I’ve decided it’s time I earn my keep.

To that end, I’ll be starting to carry advertising. Some will be articles, some will be ads in the sidebar. My very first paid ad is set to run in the next day or so, so please watch for it, especially if you’re in the UK. I didn’t write this one, but I have to say, it’s very cleverly done.

I’ll still do unpaid product reviews and such depending on the product or supplier, but I’m going to be shifting as much as possible to getting paid for stuff like that. After all, my nap time is furry valuable and so’s space in my blog. Any paid content will be clearly marked as such. I hope you’ll all wish me well as I start my new venture to become self sufficient and not have to depend on Mom for my kibbles.

10 thoughts on “Earning my keep”

    1. Hi Fisher. Welcome to my blog. I’m glad you understand. Times are pretty tough all over, and a kitty’s gotta help out if she can.

  1. We will be watching to see how it goes for you. One of our friends started with ads, and now when we visit her blog, it’s like a narrow blog column inbetween ads on the sides… and we find it kind of distracting and we never click on them. We don’t know how many green papers she brings in, but guess it’s better than nothing.

    Teri keeps saying she’s going to open up a Cafe Press or Zazzle store but so far is stalled on that…

    1. I hope my blog doesn’t get like that. I plan on keeping the same layout – one column for posts and one for widgets. I don’t plan on overloading the site with ads or doing banner ads at the top or anything like that. I know I’ll never make enough from the blog for Mom to stop working, but if I can bring in enough each month to pay for our cat food, I’ll be happy.

      I’m hoping to get one or two paid articles a month and maybe one or two sidebar ads a month. That should supplement Mom’s green papers enough and not overwhelm the blog. And if I can get paid for stuff I’d write anyway, all the better!

      You should try a Zazzle store. It doesn’t cost anything to set up. If you don’t sell anything, so what! All it will cost is your time. I haven’t really sold anything from mine, but I did order a bunch of stuff for my own use. Maybe as the blog gets more exposure, that stuff will sell, too.

  2. I hope it works out well for you Pumpkin. I can understand the need for extra green papers. M has tried little things like that and never got very far. She hasn’t tried ads in the blog yet. I’ll try to click on a few ads for you now and then too.

    1. Thank you! I don’t have any paid ads in the sidebar right now, but I hope to have one or two in the future. I hope my furriends will let me know if the ads start to overwhelm the blog. I never want that to happen.

  3. I am part of a couple of ad networks and also have some google ads and affiliate links on my sidebar. They don’t bring in a huge amount of money (nowhere near what I make as an author), but it still helps buy cat food!

  4. Mowzers Pumpkin! Of course your time is valuable! You gotta tell your human to let our human know how it goes for you. Faraday’s gotta find a way to support his wand toy fetish yanno….

    1. So far we haven’t gotten paid yet. Cross your paws they actually follow through. The article is all ready to post as soon as they pay me.

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