Product Review: Furminator Slicker Brush

One of the vendors at BlogPaws 2012 was Furminator. Mom and I went to visit them because I hate every brush mom has ever bought. Grooming time is always a trial. Mom tries to be very gentle and careful, but I still give her a hard time. So the lady at the Furminator booth let us try one of the slicker brushes on this page:

As it wasn’t wrapped I’m not sure which specific brush it was, but I think it’s the large soft slicker brush. We tried it out right there in the vendor’s room, and I actually held still to be brushed! So they let us keep it. Mom brushed me some more the next day up in the room and I not only let her, I purred and I turned around so she could brush both sides. I didn’t even fuss when I had my tummy brushed!

See how it splits? It also flexes a little. I think that lets it not press too hard on one part of the body when you’re brushing a not flat area. That’s my logic, not any info from the company. All I know is I like this brush and I let Mom brush with me with it. I give this brush a definite paws up!

It seems like we do mostly positive reviews. I guess that’s because Mom’s picky about what she brings home for us to try. She turns down offers to review stuff she knows we won’t like. We don’t do any litter reviews because we’ve already tried so many differents brands and kinds of litter that Mom knows what we will and won’t use. We’re picky picky picky about food. Etc. But we did bring some things home from BlogPaws that were real unknowns in our world, and my next post will be stuff we tried that we didn’t like.

And now the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the winners of the Fancy Feast Mornings samples! So here are the lucky winners:Congratulations to all the winners! Please email your shipping information to me at pumpkinpuddy at pumpkinpuddy dot com. I hope you all like Mornings as much as we did.

8 thoughts on “Product Review: Furminator Slicker Brush”

  1. I am picky about brushing too!
    Mum finally found something i will let her use… it is a plain plastic finetooth human comb. mum has to clean it out a lot cause its small, but it does the job.

    maybe if you can find out which brush this is, i can try it too! it looks interesting, at least.

    OMC! Bird at the window!!! gotta run!

  2. I’m picky too about brushing. M got a Furminator, but I won;’t let her use it. She can get one swipe in and I turn around and give her the stink eye, so she knows to quit./ She does use some sort of slicker brush on me already, and that’s the only one that I’ll tolerate. I wonder if it would pay to get the one that you liked.

  3. I’m mad at Fancy Feast since their prices went up.. that brush sounds nice. I love the FURminator. How is the brush different?? Does it remove a lot of fur or just get the knots out?

    1. I don’t really know how it’s different. It just doesn’t bug me like other brushes. I hate the other brushes in the house and refused to let Mom brush me with them. This brush I like. I stand still to be brushed and even purr. I don’t know why I like this one.

  4. We have a FURminator de-shedding tool that we love, but the tummy brushing is always an issue with our fluffy Maine Coon, Zee. The concept of a brush that splits is very interesting and I think it would make the tummy process less annoying. Thanks for this review, Pumpkin!

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