Awards from furriends old and new!

Well, we finally had a nice day yesterday. Did I get a stroller ride? NO! Mom went canoeing instead. How dare she take the first day all summer it’s been cool enough for me to go out and go have fun without me! Pfffft. That’s enough of being mad.

I got a couple of awards recently! The first award was from my sista from hood, @CathyKeisha. If you haven’t read her blog, Stunning Keisha, you don’t know what you’re missing! She’s one sharp cookie, and very witty! Here’s the award:

Now I’m supposed to tell you 5 things about me:

  1. Even though I pretend not to, I actually like my fursibs.
  2. I’m very picky about what I’ll eat and what I play with.
  3. I love cuddling with Mom.
  4. I love fall and can’t wait for the cooler temperatures. I’m so tired of the hots.
  5. Thank Bast for spellcheck. I don’t spell very well. What do you want? I’m a cat!

Now I’m supposed to pass this on to five sisters. So here goes:

  1. Caren from Cat Chat
  2. Nutmeggy from Cheshire Loves Karma
  3. Shaynacat
  4. Catsparella
  5. NikePurrfectCat from NikePurrfectCat’s World

The other award I received was from @germanshorthair. I haven’t known them very long and did not know they had a blog, but they do! it’s Daisy, Gretchen and Banjo, dogs with short tales. Now that I know they have a blog, I’ve added it to my list of blogs that I read. The award I received from them is theI just got this award not too long ago from @pandafur. You can read my my answers here: Another Award. Since I just got this award and passed it on, I’m not gonna pass it on again. But I do have to say I’m honored to have received it again, especially from new furriends.

For all of you suffering from the hots like we are, here’s wishing for an early fall. Happy Sunday everyone!


5 thoughts on “Awards from furriends old and new!”

  1. Concatulations on your awards, Pumpkin! And shame on your human for running off and doing something that involves water instead of taking you on a stroll!

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