Product Review – Kitty a go-go litter box

Happy Sunday everyone! The nice people over at Kitty a go-go sent me a litter box to check out. So here’s how it went.

The Kitty a go-go boxes come in many stylish colors and designs. They have a rake for pulling the waste and clumped litter forward. As you can see, the drawer pulls out and has a plastic liner for easy clean-up. The box is very sturdy.

Since the tray comes out and is lined, the box can be cleaned without having to take the whole thing apart, although it does come apart so you can clean it thoroughly from time to time. But mostly you just need to clean the pull out tray. It has lots of venting so it doesn’t hold smells.

Mom was thrilled when the box arrived. We have a litter box in the downstairs guest bathroom and mom thought it would be great to have something pretty instead of a regular ugly litter tray in there. Well, things didn’t work out quite as she would have liked. We use crystal litter that comes in premeasured packages. The rake didn’t work well with the crystals. Rather than going through the crystals, it pushed the crystals into a big pile. Mom wound up having to take the rake out.

Also, the tray is much smaller than our other litterbox. I don’t know if you can see it in this picture, but Mom put the plastic liner from the Kitty a go-go in our regular litterbox, and it’s about two inches smaller in each direction. It’s also very shallow, which makes sense since the box is covered and that keeps the litter from spilling out. But it’s too small to hold all the litter in the pre-measured package. And since we use the downstairs litterbox so much more than the upstairs one, being smaller (and holding less litter) it wasn’t quite up to that much use by three cats. We gave it three weeks of trying and decided it wasn’t for us.

I think the design and quality of the box is very good. I think the box would work better with scoopable litter. I also think that the box would work well for a one cat household or a house where the boxes get more even use. But for three of us using predominantly one litter box it just wasn’t up to the job. And because the box is on the small size,  I’m not sure I’d recommend this box for the bigger kitties out there (bigger than 15 or so pounds). Mom gave the box to a friend that just got a new kitty and we went back to using our bigger box. It will be interesting to see what Mom’s friend thinks of the box after she’s had it a while. We’ll let you know how it goes.

Next weekend is EK’s and my birthday. I’m gonna be 3, and EK’s gonna be 2. My new, custom made harness should be here this week so I’m hoping I get to go to the park for my birthday. Cross your paws that I get to go. See you next week everyone!

Disclosure – I received the box gratis from Kitty a go-go. I received no compensation for my review and as always, my opinion is my own. No one can tell this kitty what to say!

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  1. You know, the human has been through a variety of litter boxes with us cats and nothing works better than a good, old-fashioned one! Mine is three-tier, with a sifter to make it easier to get the clumps out, but it is totally manual and it is the only one I use.

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