My Review of Paw Print Cats Harness

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Give your kitty a fashionable look with a designer harness! The handmade paw print fashion cat harness is sure to have everyone looking at your cute kitty! Fashion harness to help you take your cat anywhere! Made of super cute chocolate brown multicolored paw print cotton twill which is fully lined…

Finally – a harness I can’t slip out of.

By Pumpkin from Denver, CO on 9/8/2012


5out of 5

Pros: Easy To Attach, Durable, Lightweight, Attractive, Stays On, Comfortable

Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner

I just got mine this week and couldn’t wait to try it out. So Mom took me to the park today. I took off after a bug and the harness didn’t come off. That’s a first. I’ve slipped out of every other harness Mom’s tried on me. The harness is also very easy to put on.

Mom likes that the leash attaches at the back, not the neck. when I pull on the leash the harness doesn’t cut into my neck. I wish it was available in different fabrics and not just the pawprint. I wouldn’t mind something frilly and pink. *winks*


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Tags: Using Product, Picture of Product


7 thoughts on “My Review of Paw Print Cats Harness”

  1. Wow, a harness a kitty can’t slip out of? That is pretty amazing! One of the reasons I can’t go outside is because I could (and would) easily slip out of any harness my human might try to put on me.

    1. I can’t speak for June Buggie, but I haven’t been able to slip out of it. I tend to back out of a harness which lets it slip right over my head. This harness has the leash attachment at the back instead of by the neck and it’s longer covering quite a bit of my body. When I tried to back out of it, it just bunched up and didn’t slip over my head. If I ever do manage to slip out of it, I’ll let y’all know.

  2. Puddy, thanks for this. I know lots of people worry about harnesses not working so finding something from our favourite Nip and Bones that really works is great news!

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