Product Review: Kitty Hoots Big Mamas Scratchy Box Double Wide

Hi everyone! Did you miss me? MOL I had a pawsome vacation and did all kinds of cool stuff, but that’s gotta wait. I’m long overdue on writing this product review. *embarrassed* So I gotta take care of business.

The people at sent me a couple of things to try out. They sent a Kitty Hoots Big Mamas Scratchy Box Double Wide and a Contempo Vena Cat Food and Treat Dispenser. The scratcher is a double wide (great for lounging on) and it came with pawsome catnip and a catnip toy. The toy got played with for about 10 minutes and no one’s paid any attention to it since. The scratcher is about the same as other scratchers we’ve had and has held up ok. Candy likes the tassles in the corner. Mom was afraid they’d come apart, but so far they haven’t.The cat food and treat dispenser got batted around a bit when mom first put it out, but we couldn’t get it to flip over enough for the treats to spill out. So it kind of flopped with us. No one plays with it and mom finally emptied the treats out of it and just gave them to us.

I looked around the site a bit, and their prices compare favorably with other places. And they have $4.99 flat rate shipping on orders over $49 up to 20lb. That’s great for lightweight stuff like toys or treats. So looks like an ok place to shop. I’m gonna be keeping track of this site.

I told you I had something special cooking for our big Gotcha Day celebration coming up in the next few weeks. Well, here’s the scoop. Do you see what’s in the picture below? That is a Tillman skateboard deck! And I’m gonna be giving that skateboard deck away in about a month, so spread the word!

Good news everyone! If you haven’t yet gotten your copy of ‘Summer at the Lake with Petie‘, it’s now available as a PDF for $6.99.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!


Disclosure – I received the scratcher and treat dispenser gratis from I received no compensation for my review and as always, my opinion is my own. No one can tell this kitty what to say!

6 thoughts on “Product Review: Kitty Hoots Big Mamas Scratchy Box Double Wide”

    1. It is. It’s a good lounging size and Candy scratches it plenty. We must have 3 or 4 cardboard scratchers of varying angles on each floor and Candy uses every one of them! EK prefers sisal. I like the flat scratchers.

  1. I am not sure those products are nice for cats but what have you got for baboons? Heee heee heeee just joking!! Can’t wait to hear about your vacation. HUGS HUGS HUGS

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