Edgar’s Visit – Part IV

Happy Gotcha Day to me! I can’t believe I’ve lived with Mom for three years. It feels like I just got here! Nothing special planned for today. Mom didn’t find out until last night that she didn’t have jury duty today.

This is the final installment of Edgar’s visit. He and mom went to the Stanley Hotel for brunch, and then went to Rocky Mountain National Park to see the elk. The bartender on duty was a very nice young lady (who’s name mom didn’t bother writing down). She took a liking to Edgar, and gave him a present – some scotch that cost $245 a shot!

On the way home, they stopped at the Colorado Cherry Store. Mom never goes to Estes Park without stopping at the Cherry Store. And as always, mom took lots of pictures.

So that’s it for today. Don’t forget that Sunday I’m putting up the Rafflecopter for the Tillman Skateboard Deck.

5 thoughts on “Edgar’s Visit – Part IV”

  1. Happy Gotcha Day! They say time flies when you’re having fun so it’s not surprising that 3 years seemed to go by so quickly. Edgar got to enjoy some scotch, but I think you’d probably enjoy a few licks of milk even more!

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