Thankful Thursday – My Pal Dougal

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life. I have a great home, fursibs to cuddle, and the best furriends a kitty could want. One of those furriends, @frugaldougal, went OTRB yesterday.

Artist - Robin Bisha. Used with artist's permission.
Artist – Robin Bisha. Used with artist’s permission.

What made Dougal special? He was a little dog, but had the biggest heart in the world. Dougal, and his mom Lynn, were among those who started #pawpawty and showed how much one little dog could accomplish in this big world. Their efforts raised thousands and thousands of dollars to help anipals everywhere. More importantly, they inspired all of us to each do our little part to help, too. And when thousands of anipals each do a little thing to help, that adds up to a whole lot of wonderfulness!

Mom and I had the opportunity to meet Lynn at Blogpaws West 2010, right here in Denver! Lynn is one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet and an inspiration to all of us. My heart breaks for her at losing Dougal. I hope the love we’re all sending her way will go a little way towards helping her heart heal.

Every night when I look at the stars, I can see all my OTRB furriends winking back at me. I know Dougal’s star will be the brightest one out there!

10 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday – My Pal Dougal”

  1. Dougal was one of the first anipals I met and introduced me to this wonderful world, as he did for some many of us. I know that Lynn can be proud of the legacy Dougal leaves behind, it is truly impressive.

  2. We didn’t know Dougal well, but from reading all the tributes about him, we know he was special. W’re sorry he went to the Bridge. We send purrs to his family and all those missing him so much.

  3. We were very sad to hear about dear Dougal too. He made the lives of countless critters so much better. We have met Mom Lynn too and she really ismamwonderful one. We shall remember sweet Dougal forever and my heart smiles because he was mai pal.

  4. Such a wonderful tribute to an amazing dog! The work he did with his Momma Lynn has made a huge impact and helped make this big world a little smaller. My Mom and I are truly grateful that she shared her Dougal with us.

  5. Thank you for writing this tribute to FrugalDougal. He was also one of my first friends on Twitter and showed me the ropes. I was truly inspired by his work for shelter animals. He showed me how much we can accomplish if we all work together. Comforting purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs to his family and all who mourn his passing.

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