Top 5 Accidents for Dogs and Cats by ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

Pets are naturally curious and often fearless. Most of the time, this playful approach to life serves up nothing more than a mild bonk on the head.

Other times, though, an accident can be more serious and require prompt veterinary care. And it’s not just dogs—even indoor cats can find themselves in trouble. That’s why a lot of pet parents are getting pet insurance for their pets, since it can help make vet bills more affordable.

Here are the top 5 accident claims—for both dogs and cats—among pets protected with ASPCA Pet Health Insurance:

1.  Bite Wounds

Bite wounds top the list of claims received for both cats and dogs. No matter the source, bite wounds should be taken very seriously and treated by a veterinarian right away. Not only do they pose the risk of bacterial infection, but bite wounds can also transmit dangerous diseases such as parvovirus and rabies.

2.  Swallowed Objects

It seems like our furry friends sometimes eat first and taste later. Whether it’s a rock or a baby’s diaper, pets seem to have a nose for the forbidden. If an object doesn’t pass on its own, pets may need surgery to get the item out. If you think your pet ate something, though, don’t try to induce vomiting on your own. Call a vet right away for proper advice.

3.  Cuts

Cuts can be become dangerous if bacterial infections go undetected under longer fur. Have any cuts or scrapes checked out by your vet right away. Severe infections can crop up and get dangerous very fast.

4.  Car Accidents

Always make sure your dog is on a leash when he or she is outside, and take care in traffic when you’re walking your pet. Also watch out for your cat. Check that doors and window screens are secure to make sure your cat doesn’t accidentally get outside.

5.  Fractured Teeth

Fractured teeth can result from trauma to the face, a high fall or even rough play. If left untreated, a fractured tooth could affect the pet’s overall health. Regular checkups and dental exams are a good idea as pets often mask symptoms of dental problems.

This article is sponsored by ASPCA Pet Insurance.

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  1. Great information. Thank you. We worry about swallowed objects around here. Boogie the foster dog eats EVERYTHING. By that I mean EVERYTHING. Mulch, wine corks, flowers, plastic yogurt containers…. You name it, Boogie will chow it down. So far it’s all come out one end or the other but mommy worries. It’s hard to keep everything out of his way, especially with Alzheimer grandma contributing to his intake. Here’s a dog who could really use insurance. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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