Checkup Time

Happy Sunday everyone! I guess Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow today, so spring’s supposed to come soon. Maybe in Pennsylvania, but we had plenty sunshine here and I saw my shadow, so I think we still got some winter coming. After all, I live in Colorado and we can get snow clear through May!

Well my furriends, my day started out pawsome, but it was all a trick. First mom got out the wand toys and we played for a loooong time. Then she turned on our new Undercover Mousie. While I was playing with mousie, she scooped me up and stuffed me in a PTU! Can you imagine? Turns out she was just trying to distract us to get me and EK to the v-e-t. The joke was her though. While she put me in a PTU, EK hid. MOL! She made another appointment for him next week.

I go to Dr. Jerrell Guster at Animal Family Veterinary Hospital. I’m usually pretty good at the v-e-t, but today I hissed at the tech, Erin. I don’t know why, because Erin’s really very nice. I hissed at her even before the alien butt probe came out! Anyway, my visit went well and the v-e-t says I’m purrfect! I know we all hate going to the v-e-t, but it’s good to know I’m nice and healthy. V-e-t visits are furry impawtant no matter how much we don’t wanna go.

Mom took pics, of course. Moms – who can figure them out. Here’s the pics!

And here’s me at my very first v-e-t visit. Look how tiny I was!

Pumpkin's first vet visitDr. Guster has this picture hanging in his office. Erin said they need a new picture of me all grown up. I gotta pick one out and have mom print it up for them.

Look at this poster HH made of all the kitties she painted for her 30 paintings in 30 days project! You can see me right in the middle.Maxthequiltcat posterIf you don’t know @MaxtheQuiltCat and his mom HH, you should check out his blog. It’s a goodie! You’ll get to meet HH’s current kitties, Bugsy and Knuckles, too (Max is OTRB, but he still blogs).

Today’s the Superbowl. I guess that means Mom’s gonna be glued to the tv tonight. I better learn to like football cuz Mom sure watches a lot of it.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

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