National Pet Dental Health Month

As you all know, February is National Pet Dental Health Month. We all had our annual v-e-t visits over the last few weeks, and one of the things the v-e-t did was check our teeth. Candy’s and mine are ok. EK, not so much. Mom has to learn how to brush his teeth. Once he’s used to getting them brushed, he has to go get them cleaned. Mom has to get him used to having them brushed first so she can keep his teeth clean after the v-e-t cleans them.

Here’s EK at the v-e-t. (Click on the pictures to biggify them.)

It’s gonna be a gorgeous day out, so I’m probably going for a walk in my stroller later. Cross your paws that Mom doesn’t bail on me! MOL

I have a guest post this week, so check in on Wednesday to see what it is. Have a great week everyone!

3 thoughts on “National Pet Dental Health Month”

  1. Glad that your teeth are fine. Your post reminded mommy that she has to make an appointment for my sisfur Frangi to get her teeth cleaned. Frangi has lymphoplasmacytic gingivitis and the vet wants to clean her teeth every 6 months or so rather than keep he on steroids full-time. Frangi absolutely refused to have her teeth brushed. I hope your mom has better luck with EK. It does take a lot of patience, we are told. Purrrrrrrrrrrrrrs.

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