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When someone discovered that capacitive touch screens on phones and tablets respond to the touch of a cat’s paw, the logical conclusion was that cats should have apps made just for them. Unofficial testing by cat owners has shown that most device screens are sturdy enough to hold up against cat claws, so now there is an array of apps available for your cat to play with for hours — or completely ignore.

Friskies provides several free apps for cats. Jitterbug is a simple game that sends bugs across your screen, which your cat can squash with their paws. It’s available for iPhone or iPad. Cat Fishing works the same way, but with fish. This one can be played on phones, tablets or in a web browser on a touch screen computer. Friskies’ latest game lets you play against your cat. It is appropriately called You vs. Cat. It’s similar to air hockey, but with a cat treat or can of cat food as the object you have to get across the goal. Your cat serves as goalie and gets points for catching the treats you fling across the screen. You vs. Cat is available for iPad and Android tablets.

Cat Toys Lite is a free app that has a pink toy mouse that runs around on the screen. The mouse pauses from time to time and squeaks when your cat taps on it. The developer wisely programmed the app to require tapping three times in the same spot to stop the game and return to the main menu. Humans can adjust the speed of the mouse’s movement. For 99 cents, you can upgrade to the full version, which gives you other toys to choose from.

Catch and Paint Games for Cats is an iPad app that gives your cat three different games. The Catch Games are simple tap games. You can choose a mouse, butterfly, spider or fish. PiCATso is a catch game with a twist: Every time your cat hits the screen, a paint splatter appears. You start by choosing the colors and the type of mouse: a realistic brown mouse or a cartoon sketch mouse. If you choose the cartoon one there will be three on the screen for your cat to “paint” with. You can also choose the color of the background. If your cat should paint a masterpiece, you can save it to your camera roll. The Cat Music Game does not tap into your cat’s natural hunting instincts as well as the others. Several cats bounce around the screen, and as each one is tapped it takes its place behind a musical instrument and begins playing. If your cat gets them all you have a cat orchestra. All of the games in the Catch and Paint Games for Cats app require three consecutive taps on an arrow to return to the menu.

Judging by the reviews of these and other apps for cats, most cats do paw at them as intended, and sometimes even the family dog gets into the act. Of course, humans may have the most of fun of all by watching their animals play with their electronic toys.

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  1. I’ll have to have TW download the apps we don’t have. We have the Friskies’ game and CatPaint. We also just heard of one called Cat Toy Plus. I used to paint a lot but now I just watch the mouse on the screen. Same with the Friskies’ apps. I intently watch the fish/bugs but TW has to hit them for me or the screen with turn off.

  2. TY so much for all this infor Pumpkin I’m saving the info in case one day huMum might get be a smart phone or and iPad *sobs*

    1. You’re right! I should have had him resubmit the article with links to the apps. *smacks forehead* I’ll have to pay more attention to that next time.

  3. M has been afraid to get any of those apps for me for fear I’ll ruin the screen on either the laptop or the Nook. The screens ARE so soft and look fragile.

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