Happy Sunday everyone! Or should I say, happy snow day.

snowWe didn’t have hardly any snow all winter. Now, when according to Punxsatawny Phil sping is supposed to be starting, we’re getting snow. We had snow Wednesday and we’re getting more today. Not lots of snow like some places. Just a few inches each time.

Mom’s making shoe shelves for the closet. It’s a very noisy process. I’m hoping she leaves us some climbing space and doesn’t fill them up completely. We kitties need lots of climbing spaces. And napping spaces.

Life’s been boring around here. I finally did get a stroller outing last Sunday, but no pics. But gotta have pics in a blog, so here’s one of me being adorable. *strikes pose*IMG_20120311_152333-001Cute little stinker, ain’t I? MOL

Have a great week everyone!


12 thoughts on “Snow!”

  1. Cute doesn’t begin to cover it! You are GORGEOUS! We are supposed to get more snow this week too. What’s that about? MOL

    Love you, my Pumpkin!


  2. you are so gorgeous Pumpkin and so wise staying inside when that cold stuff is on the ground outside … I hope your nip survives?

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