An outing to St. Vrain State Park

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you all had fun at #NCVikings this weekend!

I got to go to the park a couple weeks ago with mom, her friend Chris, and Chris’s kitty Stanley. The park was pawsome. We had a bunch of geese walk right up to where we were picnicking. The only bad part was Stanley cried all the way to the park and all the way back! He was furry noisy. Mom said she loved Stanley but he wasn’t allowed in her car anymore. MOL

Mom, as usual, didn’t bring the good camera and then wished she had. We saw some pawsome birds on the lake. There were pelicans and snowy egrets. And I saw my first bullfrog. OMC! He was humongous! See for yourself:

IMAG0155Here’s some more pictures. Some of the pictures have captions that you can see if you mouse over the picture. And if you click on them, you can biggify them.

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

7 thoughts on “An outing to St. Vrain State Park”

  1. OMC – that goose was up close and personal like. Enjoyed your pictures. Stanley looked like he was enjoying things, but guess he’s not as adaptable as you are sweetie.

  2. Wow what a great outing and the bullfrrog, he looked kind of scary although I’m sure he was friendly underneath the scary disguise.

  3. Thanks for taking us on the trip with you. Great photos… You’re lucky you got to see a bull frog and a goose all in one day.

    Have a super weekend.

    hugs, Bugsy and Knuckles

  4. Your park is beautiful! Pawsome harness too! Did you sniff where the bunny had been? I love that you go to the park! HIgh Paw!

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