A walk in the back yard

Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you’re having a pawsome weekend.

I got to go for a walk in the back yard yesterday for the first time! I don’t know why Mom’s never taken me out in the yard before. We usually go to the park. Of course, I had to wear my leash and harness. Our yard has open fencing and I could very easily get out.

The yard is very interesting. I got to smell all the pee mail that was left by the bunnies and coyotes and the other cats that come visiting our yard. I got to nom on some grass and smell all kinds of new plants I never smelled before. I smelled lilacs and Russian Sage. And mulch. Our yard has lots of mulch. The most interesting thing in the back yard was a dead bird. I really wanted to smell that and inspect it, but mom wouldn’t let me. Something about it being too old and could make me sick. Moms! They’re so silly.

I also got to visit with the gargoyle in the back yard. He doesn’t talk. He just sits there watching over the yard. It was a very one sided conversation – I meowed at him and he just sat there. *shakes head*

Mom didn’t bring the camera out so there’s no pictures of me in the yard. But at least I did get to go out. I hope I get more yard time. We really do have a pawsome yard! Look: DSCN2921 DSCN2944These are a couple of old pictures of the yard.

That’s all for today. Have a great week everyone!

13 thoughts on “A walk in the back yard”

  1. Oh what a fab yard you have! I love the gargoyle. Our gargoyle who sits on the bookcase says hello!

  2. One of Momma’s friends let me eat a dead bird once! Momma was kinda mad about it but all I did was make really smelly poops the next day so it was okay.

    Momma says this is something called TMI but I told her cats don’t have any such thing.

  3. How nice! I tried a harness on my one cat — my soulmate, Muggs … he put on all four brakes and screamed something horrible. It was like the sounds from a Stephen King horror movie! I think the entire neighborhood heard him and thought I was torturing the li’l beast! =;-) Enjoy! Hugzzzzzzzzzzz …. RAY & TIPPER

      1. LOL!!! I’m glad you’re the brave one! And you are so right — you get to explore all the sights and sounds of the outdoors. EK and Candy just don’t know what they’re missing! MOL! ENJOY and huge hugzzzzzzzzzz to all of you. RAY & TIPPER

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