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Happy Sunday everyone! Hope you had a pawsome week last week.

We recently got the opportunity to test a couple of different litters. This week we’re going to tell you about a self-contained system called The Litter One Litter System. From the Litter One website:

The Litter One Difference.

Pine vs. Clay

The harmful effect of clay litter on cat health has always been a controversial subject.  Traditional clay cat litters basically come in two forms, non-clumping and clumping.  Non-clumping cat litter is often made of zeolite, diatomite and sepiolite.  Clumping clay litter is mostly made from granulated bentonite clay  which clumps together when wet and forms a solid mass separate from the other litter in the box.  To help control the smell of urine, in most clay litter, chemical freshening agents are added.

However, clay litter can be unsafe for cats’ respiratory systems and the mining required to dig up the clay contributes to mass losses of vegetation.  Litter One’s Pine Pellet cat litter absorbs urine leaving a fresh pine scent and is 100% Safe for kitty.  Unlike traditional clay litters, the Litter One pine alternative is better for the environment and for cats.  Litter One is made from 100% Natural Pine and has no chemical additives.  Litter One’s entire product line is manufactured from materials and produced through vendors who support key global initiatives in proper forest management and harvesting.  These members belong to FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative).

There is only “ONE” choice for all Natural 100% Biodegradable cat litter care and that choice is Litter One.

Traditional Clay Litter

  • Clay is ingested by cats when they lick themselves after using the litter box
  • Ingested clay can absorb a cat’s nutrients or fluids
  • Dust from clay litters can coat a cat’s lungs and lead to respiratory problems
  • Quartz silica (sand), a common ingredient in clumping litter, is a known carcinogen for cats and humans
  • Clay litter tracks through the house
  • Clay is mined from deep in the ground and leaves depressions that must be filled
  • Clay mining contributes to mass vegetation losses
  • Clay litter stays in landfills for infinite years

Litter One’s Pine Pellet Litter

  • Pine is natural and poses no threats to cat health and safety
  • Pine pellets absorb waste odors naturally leaving a pine scent
  • Pine pellets absorb 3X more urine and immediately neutralize ammonia
  • Litter One only buys from sources that properly manage natural resources
  • Litter One’s pine pellets, disposable litter box and accessories are from Forest Stewardship Council (FCS) and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) approved sources
  • Pine pellets break down in less than two years leaving no environmental impact
  • Litter One products decompose and do not contribute to landfill waste
  • Our product is 100% eco-friendly and 100% safe for cats”

Sounded pretty good to us, so we were happy to give it a try. The pictures show you how it arrives and how easy it was to put together. Mom put it in the bathroom we use the most and the test was on!

I’m sorry to say it wasn’t much of a test. Only EK used it and he only used it to pee in. No one would poop in it. Maybe if all the litter boxes had been replaced instead of just one we would have given it a fairer chance, but we did all our pooping in the upstairs litter boxes where our old litter was.

The box comes with 18 bags, but it’s supposed to last 4 to 6 weeks. I don’t know if they mean for each bag to be used for a few days before you throw it away or if you just use your own bags after that. The box also came with toothpicks. We never did figure out what those were for. And it came with it’s own scoop. Mom found the scoop getting a little soft after a few weeks of use, and that was only using it to stir up the litter and let the used litter fall through the holes to the bottom layer. She couldn’t imagine it lasting for 4 to 6 weeks of having to scoop poop, too. We don’t really know how long the box would have lasted. Mom only gave the test three weeks since we weren’t really using it.

So that was the cons. Now the pros. It was really easy to set up and to close up and throw away. We didn’t track the pine all over the house. Mom never smelled the pee, so it was good at odor control. Mom loved not having to scrub the litter box. We’re diggers, so mom thought the litter would get kicked everywhere because the sides looked short, but we didn’t. It was a good size to fit just about anywhere, but the size didn’t mean that we’d wind up with a mess.

So that’s how things went at our house. Mom was really hoping we’d take to this litter because she loved how easy it was for her to deal with. But we all know every kitty is different and the only way to really know how a litter will work out in your house is to try it yourself. So if you’ve ever wanted to give this litter a try, now’s a purrfect time to do so. Why? Because the Litter One people were nice enough to give me a link to let my readers order Litter One at a 20% discount! Keep track of the link and the code because it’s going to be good right through the end of the year!

Here’s the link: It’s gonna ask for a code at checkout. That code is CS12361.

That’s it for today everyone! Have a great week.

Disclaimer: We received the Litter One system free from Litter One to test. We did not get paid for this review. And as always, our opinions are our own. No one tells THIS little kitty what to say!

6 thoughts on “Product Review – Litter One”

  1. I read a review of this litter the other day that made some good points. How do you get poos off the cardboard fake floor and the fact that pine oils are toxic to cats. Personally speaking, we don’t do disposable cos once something is thrown into a landfill, it doesn’t decompose and if it does, it takes forever. Thanks for your honest review.

    1. I didn’t know about the pine oils being toxic to cats. There’s lots of pine litters on the market. I wondered about the poo sticking to the cardboard, too, but forgot to write about it. I also forgot to write about the pee soaking the cardboard might be a problem if the box got more use.

  2. Interesting info about pine oils, Cathy Keisha. Mommy didn’t know about that, either. She didn’t like the one pine litter she used because it didn’t clump and also got tracked all over the house. We all loved a wheat-based litter we used but unfortunately the dogs made themselves ill eating it, so we had to go back to clay litter. (The dogs eat that, too, but not in the same quantities. Dogs are disgusting that way). Mommy was sad because she really wanted to use the more ecologically benign litter. We told her to get rid of the dogs but she wouldn’t.

    As to changing litter, if you are really determined to change, sometimes it works if you add some of the new litter to the old litter and increase the amount gradually. Mommy did that with her Rufus, who only knew to do his business in mulch and had to be taught to use regular litter.

  3. Good review Pumpkin. I like the honesty in it. M said she’ll stay with what I use for now. It’s the same brand she used thru the lifetime of 3 kitties before me and now me. She’d like to find one more eco friendly, but so far she hasn’t seen any really good reviews She is going to bring it up with my vet tho on my next visit..

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