A Very Fun Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone. How many of you went to the 60s pawty this weekend at #Nipclub? I did! I had so much fun I wound up in twitjail! That almost never happens. But between playing Twister, answering trivia questions, yakking with my pals, and barktending, I just didn’t stop tweeting! If I keep this up, I’ll need to make a custom cell like some of my pals have done. MOL

We’ve been having pawsome weather this summer. Much cooler than it’s been for years and years mom said. She also said this is how summer used to be when she first moved here. We’ve hardly needed the AC in weeks! And we get lots of open windows for sniffing the outside.

Speaking of outside, I was supposed to go to the park yesterday, but I hid under the bed and mom couldn’t get me. MOL I don’t know why I do that. I hate putting on my harness, but I love being outside, so I should quit hiding when it’s time to put it on, right? Silly me. But mom caught me later and put it on anyway. We didn’t go to the park, but we did go walking outside.

Here I am, nomming on the grass. It really was tasty.

I also walked over to the neighbor’s house. They have dogs, so there were lots of interesting smells over there. I even tried to go in their yard, but mom wouldn’t let me. *pout*

IMAG0194Mom spent almost all day on the front porch. Candy and I sat in the windows meowing at her. We don’t like when we can see her but not get to her. At least the window was open so we could ‘talk’ to her. MOL

That’s it for today. Have a great week everyone!

6 thoughts on “A Very Fun Weekend”

  1. Hmmm, after seeing you in your harness, I’m thinking mine is way too long for me. We’ll have to have your mom take a look when she is here visiting to get her opinion. M likes how the velcro really holds me in, but I keep slipping out of the neck area. So, I’m back to wearing my original narrow strappy harness. he he – sometimes I refuse to get up on my perch when peeps want to put my harness on. Like you, I want to go outside, but I don’t want the harness. sigh!

  2. We heard the #nipclub 60s pawty was a lot of fun. We’re sorry we missed it. Hopefully we can make it to the next pawty.

    It looks like you are having a fun weekend!!

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