Road Trip Days 3 & 4

Happy Friday everyone. Well, I’m back to tell you more about my adventures in Wisconsin with Mom. We finally got to meet @Mariodacat & his M & D. M picked us up and we went shopping for Packer souvenirs and then went to M & D’s daughter’s house to take care of her kitties. So I got to meet them too! I have to admit I forgot the kitties names. I thought Mom took pics of them, but we can’t find them, so I can’t show them to you. *embarrassed* Then we went back to M & D’s house to relax and they made dinner for us. After dinner, Mom and I went back to the hotel so we could watch the Broncos game. They won!

If you mouse over the pictures you can see the captions. You can biggify the pictures by clicking on them.

Day 4 was a boat ride on the Fox River. Mom couldn’t stop taking pictures! Here’s about half of them. I didn’t caption all of them. Hope you like them!

After the boat ride we drove through the city so I could see more of it. Then we went back to M & D’s house for dinner. Of course, that meant more picture taking, especially of Mario!

Make sure to come back tomorrow for day 5. We went to Lambeau Field! Boy was that exciting!

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  1. Those are GREAT pictures your mom took sweetie. he he – I’m still laughing over me working the treat puzzle. Sometimes I cooperate and sometimes I knock them all down before getting the right one. M says if I concentrate, I get it. If I don’t concentrate, I don’t get it. We just enjoyed your visit so much and feel so honored that you chose our state and us to visit.

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