Road Trip Days 7-9

Lippe Jr here again. All good things must come to end, and that includes vacations. We had the purrfect end to our stay in Green Bay – we had a wonderful brunch with @Mariodacat’s M & D (Mary & Don), @TheNascarKitty (Doug), Sarabeth, @4catsstrapki (Sylvia), @RealFakeGator (Laura), and @Fergusthedog (Carol) plus assorted stuffies (like me).

M with Fluffy Mario and Mini Breeze, Silvia, Mom and me, Sarabeth, Doug, Laura, and Carol.
M with Fluffy Mario and Mini Breeze, Sylvia, Mom and me, Sarabeth, Doug, Laura, and Carol.
Doesn't that look delicious? It was as good as it looks.
Doesn’t that look delicious? It was as good as it looks.

After lunch, we hit the road. We had decided the day before that instead of spending the day in Green Bay and heading home the next day, we’d leave after lunch on Friday and head west – to the Mall of America. So we did! On the way we ran into the first bit of bad weather we had on our trip – rain. The closer we got to Minneapolis, the worse the rain was. Because of the rain, we also had some traffic to deal with. But we did get to the mall in time to spend some time there Friday night. We also went back the next morning. The mall wasn’t anywhere near as exciting as all the hype about it made it out to be, but Legoland was fantastic. That’s where most of the pictures are from.

We had something really funny happen on the drive home. The road we decided to take to get us to our hotel in Omaha had a lot of detours on it. One of the detours led us through a bunch of cornfields. In the middle of one of the cornfields, the GPS on Mom’s phone said “turn right.” Mom said, “In the middle of an f-ing cornfield?” The phone replied, “I’m sorry.” Oh my did we laugh! Can you imagine?

So that was our long road trip. We were very tired when we got home. Mom had arranged to take the next day off from work. Good thing, too. Her plan had been to use that day to unpack, grocery shop, and do laundry. Well, she got partially unpacked, and that was about it. She spent the rest of the day resting up from all the excitement and the driving.

Thanks for sticking with us through so many posts. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Wow loved all the pictures from Legoland. Have never been there and probably won’t get there, so it was nice seeing what it was all about. M kept thinking about your mom and all that driving. She’s a real trooper to handle all that driving by herself. We were so happy to hear you had gotten home safely. he he – turn right in the middle of the cornfield. What was that talking lady on the GPS thinking! he he it was so funny that she said “oh sorry.”

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